Is Pratyaksh Darshan of God Possible

Many times I have been asked about whether we can get Pratyaksh Darshan [Direct Meeting ] with God or not. Now, there 2 big things to know about this -

First – first thing is that see, the male or female whose Darshan you are trying to get is not a human, he is a Devta. A Devta has various powers. The first and foremost thing is that any Devta is said to be "कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभः". The word means "radiance that is equal to crores of Suns". - Ashok Mehta

On Earth, many people die due to the heat of the Sun which is billions of kilometers away from Earth. If we stay even 1 lac kilometers away from sun, we will vaporize due to so much. So one can only imagine what will happen if crores of such Suns are standing 5 feet away from you.

Hence, a person needs to first increase his Tapa Bal. He needs to be a very very spiritually advanced Sadhak or a Maha Yogi. Such kind of radiance can only be managed by a person who has performed Nyasa on each part of his body at least 50-80 lac times in his lifetime. And this statement is not to scare away the readers or this is not an exaggeration, this is truth. Only when a person perform Nyasa a few million times will he be able to bear the radiance equal to crores of Suns. Other than this, his must also be a Shakti Path Sadhak. Shakti path is nothing but a Kundalini Sadhak.

Keep in mind that Pratyaksh Darshan is not like, you just take a Mala chant a mantra 50-60 Malas daily for 20-40 days and you will get Pratyaksh Darshan. Some people do not even want to do that. They just want to chant 1-2 rosary a day for a few years and then get Darshan of God.  This way, even a Mantra Prayog doesn't get Siddh. Let alone Purushcharan or Pratyaksh Darshan.

Till now, you haven't even learned about Purana and Dharma Shastra and you expect god to give you Pratyaksh Darshan?  It is not that easy.  Even for a Maha Yogi,  getting Pratyaksh Darshan is not easy.

Now, I will talk about the second view point of Pratyaksh Darshan -
Adhyatma – In Sadhana, a person does a Tapa of pleasing god in order to get Siddhi over a Mantra.
If you don't do Tapa, then how can you expect Siddhi over a Mantra.

The first thing for getting Darshan is Punya. Only through crores and crores of Punya, does one get Pratyaksh Darshan of God.  And Pratyaksh Darshan is not gained by sitting at comfort of home.

From time to time I have mentioned that god will test you. Test is evident in every Sadhana. You cannot avoid it. If you avoid it, your Sadhana will fail. The same way, in order to reach god, you need to give up on everything and every kind of attachment about life to get Pratyaksh Darshan of God.

Many people think that every 8th or 10th person they meet has got Pratyaksh Darshan of God. People view Pratyaksh Darshan like rolling the dice again and again and at one moment, they'll finally succeed.

Forget about a normal human, getting Pratyaksh Darshan of God is an extremely extremely big thing to achieve even for a Maha Yogi. Pratyaksh Darshan is not available at every niche and corner of the road.

Even if you have to sacrifice your whole life of 50-80 years or whatever years your life span may be, then also it is very less to get Darshan of God.

Even if you read Puran or Dharma Shastras, you will get to know that the person who got Pratyaksh Darshan of god had done Tapa continuously for thousands of years. This was of Satyug, Treta Yuga and Dwapar Yuga which are considered as extremely holy and religious as compared to Kali Yug.  When getting Pratyaksh Darshan took thousands of years in other Yugas then what can be said about Kali Yuga?

And the harsh and very selfish truth is that many of the people, don't want Pratyaksh Darshan out of affection for god. They just want Pratyaksh Darshan so that their long list of wishes can be fulfilled by god.

Keep in mind that I am not saying Pratyaksh Darshan of God is not possible.  And then, there is another bunch or organization of people who do Ark Vitark on various talks of Dharma.  They will say things like, this is truth and that isn't. This organization is the real symbol of Dharma and others aren't. This god is supreme and no other god comes above it.

Such people, who haven't even attained Moksh, who haven't done any kind of Tapa or Sadhana in life are seen talking about who is supreme and who isn't. They will engage the readers into the most barren and feeble-mind mentality. And many of the readers, without any second thought, start believing in such Shudras and Mlecchas.

The promoters of such foolish kind of arguments will engage readers in such kind of Tark Vitark. They will say ignorant things like, god doesn't need you to take pain for him. He cannot see you in pain. Neither does god need you to do strict fasts or stand on 1 leg for him. No need to do anything for him. Just remember him when you need him and he will help you.

There is absolutely no difference between such debate-doing-people and animals.  Animals for once are known to save humans but such ignorant people cannot even save themselves from Narak. Let alone other people. For once, a human can believe in a snake.  But not on such Mlecchas and Shudras.

They who do not know how Sadhana is done or what our Dharma regulations are, make foolish comments on Dharma and various aspects of it. Such people will not tell you to do Sadhana, they will engage you to discuss.

The day is not far away when such group of fools will say that there is not need to do Sadhana. God has given you human birth to enjoy life and eat and live like an animal. We don't need god. God needs us.

And there are many people who actually believe in such foolish things. People are seen connecting Allah with Vishnu or Shiva.  They say that lord Shiva is imprisoned by Muslims there. And unfortunately many people actually believe this. Shiva is god. He is supreme. Not a human. How is it possible for such petty humans to prison Shiva? Lord Shiva who destroys the whole world is imprisoned by a few million Muslims?

One when important thing that I want to explain to the readers is that when, an atheist says that god doesn't exist, then he is not believed.

But, if, a Dharmic organization or a Maha Guru says that Vishnu is supreme Shiva isn't or vice-versa, then the people will start believing them.  Even a small kid knows that it is not possible. But the adults are seen believing in these things.

Firstly neither you nor the fictional dharma writers know the believers of such foolish things know about this Dharma completely.

Keep in mind that readers that the entire Sanatana Dharma is not limited in the Purana and Vedas, their are secret Granth, there are secret Vidya, there are secret energies. Which have been hidden from such Mlecchas.

Another thing readers to keep in mind readers that when Kali Yug started, god had already said that such kind of Mlecchas and debaters will come.

People add logic and science to Dharma. How can Dharma and devotion to gods be measured by science. Such Shat Buddhi people also say that god is formless hence his Pratyaksh Darshan is not possible and those who claim god gives Pratyaksh Darshan are liars and cons.

A group of 5000 Mlecchas are saying "god is formless and if he has form then prove it to us?" a bunch of 5000 hyenas are saying that lion is does not exist. And if he does, then prove it to us?

And remember readers, that these bunch of hyenas will remain hyenas forever. and they will never match the king of the jungle.

Such kind of reasoning people will aim fingers at yogis and say that see, he is a con and he doesn't have answers hence he is saying that there are Sahara Granth, Rahasya Vidya.

If you have a 1000 carat diamond, will you keep it on the top of your head and sit in the middle of the road?

If I have a secret Mantra or Vidya, if I have a knowledge of a special Vidya whose Diksha has been given to me by god, Will I roam around giving it to the Mlecchas?

There are, Tantras to get Pratyaksh Darshan of God but they are secretive and are not revealed to everyone. They are only given to those who deserve it.


  1. This is one of the Best Blog Post from this site

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thank you so much ashok sir,even I had thought of asking about this topic,I had once commented about this but it dint appear, but in some of your Sadhana's you told that after gaining sidhhi over a mantra that presiding deity will give Darshan, is that the pratyaksh darshan or Swapn darshan,
    And by complete devotion and Tapasya ,by giving up everything is it really possible to have Darshan of god?

    1. It is usually swapna darshan.
      Yes. With giving up on everything, you can and will definitely get darshan of God

  3. Great article sir, even in my surroundings many ashram are there and they are misleading common people, unfortunately common people are also believing them,in one place people consider him as incarnation of lord Shiva and that Swamiji is making money in the name of God, I once had argued with their followers,but as you said it is of no use, sometimes I think that people who follow adharm path are living luxurious life,and the one who are righteous are suffering and is this how God will protect good people,in this Kaliyuga no one is capable of spreading true knowledge, people will only believe fake Baba's and day to day astrology guruji,as you told no one wants true affection of god ,they need god only to fullfill their materialistic needs,
    Many times my blood will boil because I'm not able to stop these adharmis, coming to point can one get Darshan of god by Achal bhakti Shraddha,Tapasya and you dint mention how a common man can get Darshan of god, and in some of your article you have written about Sadhana's which will give pratyaksh darshan of that specific god like, Saraswati, Hanuman,rudra etc you have mentioned that that deity will give Darshan after completing Sadhana successfully,but in this article your opinion is quite different it is like virodhabhas, can you please clear

    1. Those sadhana will give results if your faith is supreme. The pratyaksh darshan you want depends upon the kind of wish you have. Most people do pratyaksh darshan sadhana for getting wishes fulfilled. But sometimes, for some wishes, chanting mantras for a few lac times is not enough. For example, lord shani worshipped shiva for 1 thousand years in order to get him as guru.

    2. Thank you sir for your reply, I point I got is everybody doing pratyaksh darshan Sadhana will not get Darshan of god,only strong faith and bhakti can give pratyaksh darshan of God,I have heard that Hanuman,Shri Ram, Dattatreya,Kali Devi has given Darshan in this Kaliyuga,is there any instance where lord Shiva and maa Durga or her other forms has given Darshan in this Kaliyuga,if you know about this please tell sir

    3. I do not know much about shakti goddesses. But for shiva, 84 people have got lord shiv's pratyaksh darshan. They are called as the 84 siddhas.

    4. U can get swapn darshan of lord shiva
      For that u will have to do a simple straightforward sadhna
      Someday i will post

  4. Dear Ashok Sir,
    What you have mentioned here is 110 % correct.Pratyaksha Darshan of God is possible but only by consious efforts by the sadhak.Meditation is the best part.But even after years of meditatio people are unable to Meet God.If only there is one competetent Guru who can give the right guidance for meditation can make a sadhak achieve his goal of Meeting with God.

  5. For Avaita philosophers god is nirguna
    And for dvaita philosophers is saguna

  6. Sir z good morning plz hear mi sir z jiss Insaan ke upper voddo spell aur siflee spell huaa hai wo Insaan kaise ISS tarah ki Sadhna ya tap karsakega plz help otherwise aap ka superb information kiss kaam ka plz help

  7. Dear Ashok Sir , pehle mujhe bhi yahi lagta tha ki pratyaksh darshan bahut difficult hai, magar apke kuch posts me to pratyaksh darshan k kuch vidhi mention ki gayi hai. To phir hum kis par yakin kare.

  8. Yes it is possible for sure if u believe for sure

  9. YES sir bilkul sahi . Jo samajdaar h vo samajta h Hindu dharma ko . Or Jo nahi jaanta vo pagal bhatak Raha h . Apne ghamand me.

  10. Its all about faith on all almighty. God resides exactly inside you just need an acknowledgement to recognise it.

  11. Shri Lakshmi Pratyaksha Darshan Sadhana -- where can see it, in which scriptures? Could someone please guide?


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