Goddess Rati Mantra to Attract the 3 Worlds

Today, I will share a special Mantra dedicated to Goddess Rati, the Hindu Goddess of love, sensual and physical bliss and pleasures.  Chanting this Mantra,  any woman or man will be able to attract all 3 the world. I suggest that this Mantra primarily is meant to be chanted by women but even men can try doing this Mantra Sadhana. The Rati Mantra is extremely rare and in fact was almost lost. - Ashok Mehta

The mantra procedure is very very simple which I am sharing ahead.
Procedure of performing the Rati Mantra Sadhana -
1. Sit facing the North direction on a Red Velvet Aasan on a Shukla Paksha Friday night.
2. Keep a Red Chowki in front of you and spread a white cloth on it.
3. Keep a mount of rice on it and establish a Shri Yantra on it and make a mark of  Kesar or Chandan on it.
4. Worship your Guru, Ganesh, Kamdev and Goddess Rati.
5. Offer rose/white flowers, rose smelling incense sticks and rice to the Yantra.
6. Light a Pure Ghee Diya in front of the Yantra and  also offer a Naivedya of Mawa made sweets. If you are incapable of offering that, you can also offer Bananas or Kesar mixed with raw milk.
7. After that take a Sankalp of doing this Attraction Mantra Sadhana for attracting all the 3 worlds.
8. Chant 5 Mala of this Mantra for 8 days to attract all the 3 worlds. Use a Sphatik Mala or Kamalghatta Mala for this purpose
After the end of 8 days, keep chanting 1 Mala of the Mantra daily to increase the effects of this Mantra even more.

Viniyog - || ॐ अस्य श्री रति मंत्रस्य, वामदेव ऋषिः, गायत्री छंदः, रातिविद्या देवता, क्लीं बीजं, ईं शक्तिः, मम सर्व अभीष्ट सिद्धयर्थे जपे विनियोगः ।।

Dhyaan -
||हेमाभां दिव्यवस्त्रां स्तंभरंमितां दिव्यमाल्य अङ्गरागां ।
हस्ताग्राद्वन्द्व नीलोत्पलकुसुमधरां फुल्लकल्हारनेत्रां ।
हृद्यांगींं सुप्रसन्नां  मणिकनक महाभूषणैर्भूषितांगीं ।
पंचेशुप्राणनाथां प्रान्तभयहरां मारविद्यां नमामि ।।

Mantra - ।। ॐ ईं क्लीं नमो भगवती रतिविद्ये महामोहिनी कामेशी सर्वलोकवशं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ।।

Note- The qualities attributed to the Goddess Rati are similar to those of Kamdeva, the Hindu God of Love.


  1. Respected Sir,
    Thankyou for sharing such a rare sadhana.

    I have a foolish question to ask,but I will be glad if you answer it,
    -the mantra is actually meant for ladies,so if men practice it,is it a possibility that he may develop girlish qualities on the grace of goddess rati,because I don't want to develop such qualities.
    I am sorry to ask this question

    -and also I worship lord Hanuman daily ,so is it a problem if I worship goddess rati,as Hanuman is a brahmachari


    1. 1. You may develop feminine qualities but it won't be to extreme lengths.
      2. It is not a problem but their sadhana but not be done simultaneously. If you are currently doing any Hanuman sadhana or prayog, above mentioned mantra prayog must not be started.

  2. Thank you Sir,
    It definetely an amazing mantra.But qhat does attracting the 3 worlds mean?Can it be used to atractGods?
    Earth,Heavena nd Hell?

  3. Dear sir,
    Where can I get Angarak dosh puja done in Mumbai?

    1. There a lot of places in mumbai where you get angarak dosh puja done.
      However, if you want to avoid the costs of doing a havan, I suggest you to chant mangal gayatri mantra 10 mala daily for 3 years. After 3 years, you must feed 51 brahmins.
      You will see life changing benefits from it. Not only this, this mantra is known as akhil abhisht dayak. What It means is that even If you keep 10 crore wishes in front of the mantra, it will fulfill every single one of them.
      You can use the angarak gayatri mantra and fulfill absolutely any wish that you have. Using this mantra a person can very easily become equal to Lord Kuber in wealth.
      Not only this, this mantra is a mahamantra for people who want to achieve sky high amount of parakram and bal.
      Health,wealth, shatru naash, longevity, etc. Are the by products of this mantra.
      The mantra has the power to give you as parakrami as Lord Angarak himself. And Lord Angarak is known to be so valorous that he makes even Lord Brahma, Indra and Vishnu wealth less is made angry.
      I am not trying to say that you must use this mantra to take away their wealth but this mantra has that much power.
      Another benefit of this mantra is that you will always stay healthy, disease free and you will always look like a 16 year old kid no matter how old you may have become.

    2. Respected ashok ji
      Can anyone chant this mangal gayatri mantra or according to astrology
      And can we do it more malas

    3. Namasthe ji, can ladies can do this mantra, if yes, then if monthly cycle comes,how? N u said we should do it for 3 years, then if we go to any short travels then how, is it acceptable to give break when we are out of station, or else in this period of 3 years if we get any bad news like if sum one died,then can we take break, again when we have start,pls kindly pls reply, am waiting thnku

    4. Sir, When to start this prayog, most sutable day?
      sir i have seen that there are lot of different kind of Gayatri mantra of Angarak on Net. would you please suggest which one is correct?
      Any Yantra or picture are to be worshiped?

  4. Can you please give it in English also ?

  5. Dear Sir, English characters for the mantras required as well PlEASE. Thank you

  6. Viniyogah=
    Om asya shri Rati mantrasya Vaamdeo Rishih,Gaayatree chhandah,Rati vidyaa devtaa,Kleem beejam,Eem Shaktih,mam abheeshta siddhyarthe jape viniyogah.

    Hemaabhaam divya-vastraam stambha-ramitaam divya-maalya
    Hastaagraa dwandwa neelotpal kusum-dharaam full-kalhaar
    Hridyangeem suprasannaam mani-kanak mahaa bhoohanair
    Pancheshu-praan-naathaam praantbhay-haraam maarvidyaam



  7. Thank you so much !!! and best wishes !!!

  8. Ashokji I want to ask a general question :
    In my puja ghar ,I have a solid shri Yantra and also a sphatik Shivling . I want to know how they are to be placed beside each other . I mean when I look at them , which one should be to the left and which on right ?

    1. Shivling is meant to be kept separately and not with a shri yantra. A shivling is kept separately and not with other god & goddesses. This is because shivling is kept under a jalhari I.e. the jar of full of water which is kept above the shivling. And after that, the water which leaves from the end of the shivling must be collected in a vessel and then offered to a river or ocean. Also, anything that is offered to shivling is nirmalya. Hence, they also need to be offered to a river or ocean.
      Other than this, along with every shivling, there must be also be nandi, kachhua(tortoise), Naag, Ganesh and Goddess kali.
      All this cannot be kept in one mandir along with other gods and Goddess. Hence, the shivling along with other gods must be kept on a separate chowki.
      Shri yantra can be kept to the left of shivling but never at the right(part where shivling ends) or in front or behind shivling.

  9. It is mentioned that mantra is in gayatri chandas...is there any special way to read the mantra....or mere reading...is it correct...plz reply...Expecting ur valuable reply.....

  10. Hi sir,can we chant mantra without using sree yantra ? Because I have no sree yantra at home..kindly reply .thankyou

  11. The author has specially mentioned Shree Yantra for this Prayog, so it should be compulsary.

  12. Please give us more Rati mantra's wich are easy to practice. We don't have Lal chowki and Sri yantra in Europe. Can we only try the mantra given in this post ?

  13. Sir, can you pls type it in English 🙏

  14. Aa mantra hu just bf mate use kari saku

  15. Rati sadhana ma viniyog ,nyas a badha no roj path karvo pde ashok sir ke pachi last manta no j jap karvano


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