Mantra for Food and Food Related Business

For any food related business, food and water are the very basic necessities of running the business. However, lack of the same is a sign of poverty and bad fortune. Hence, those who are running out planning to run a food related business or do a profession related to business, must worship Maa Annapurna.

Today, I am going to share a special Mantra Sadhana through which any person will be able to get success in food related business or a profession like chef. This mantra can also be used to gain growth or promotion in the same. - Ashok Mehta

The Annapurna Devi Mantras are very powerful and start showing results right from the word  go. The Mantras have 3 &2 Beej Mantras, hence, they don't need Deeksha and this Mantra Sadhana can be done by anyone.

Procedure of performing the Annapurna Mantra Sadhana for Food or Food Related Business -
1. Start this Annapurna Mantra Sadhana from a Purnima in the Brahma Muhurat.
2. Sit facing east on a Yellow Velvet Aasan and keep a Chowki in front of you. Spread a Yellow cloth on it and make a mount of rice on the Yellow cloth. Then, keep an energised Annapurna Yantra on it.
3. Then, keep the 4 out of the Panch Devata(Ganesh, Rudra, Vishnu, Surya) behind the rice mount. The fifth god is Annapurna.
4. Worship your Guru, the Panch Devta as per your capacity.
5. Take Sankalp for your desired wishes.
6. Chant this Mantra for 40 Malas daily for 25 days.
7. The kind of conduct one must follow during Sadhana days, like Bhumi Shayya, Brahmacharya, Daan,etc. on Mantra Sadhanas are mentioned here - Article on Indian Mantra Vidya

Other than above mentioned procedure, all other procedure is mentioned in this post - Components of Mantra Shastra

Remember that this is a Mantra Sadhana and not a Prayog. Hence, the rules I have mentioned in above posts must be followed. Without which, you cannot get success.

Viniyog - ।। ॐ अस्य श्री अन्नपूर्णा मंत्रस्य , दृहिण ऋषिः, कृतिश् छन्दः , अन्नपूर्णेशी देवता, मम अखिल सिद्धयर्थे जपे विनियोगः ।।

Dhyaan - ।। तप्त स्वर्णनिभा शशांक मुकुटा रत्न प्रभा ।
नाना वस्त्र विराजिता त्रिनयना भूमिरमाम्याम् युता ।।
दर्वी हाटक भाजनं च दधती रामयोच्च पीनस्तनी ।
नित्यं तं शिवमाकलय्य मुदिताध्येयान्न पूर्णेश्वरी ।।

Mantra - || ॐ  ह्रीं  श्रीं  क्लीं  नमो   भगवती  महेश्वरी  अन्नापुर्णे स्वाहा ||
|| Om Hrim Shrim Klim namo Bhagavati Maheshvari Annapurne Swaha ।।


।। ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं नमो भगवते महेश्वरी मम अभिमतम अन्नं देहि देहि अन्नपूर्णे स्वाहा ।।
।। om hreem shreem kleem namo bhagavati maheshwari mama abhimatam annam dehi dehi annapurne swaahaa ।।

Meaning of the above mantra - Om, hreem shreem kleem, salutations to the consort of Bhagawat(Shiva), the Maha Ishwariy(the supreme goddess) , bless me with whatever amount of food that I am longing for swaaha.

The meaning of the first Mantra is not given my me because  the wordings of the Mantra are self explanatory.

The 2nd Mantra's Viniyog, Dhyaan,etc are same as that of first Mantra. The 2nd Mantra, according to many people is considered very powerful and gives even more quicker results and it is the experience of many people about the power the Mantra.


  1. dear ashok sir
    in post mantra remedy for all problems
    thre is pashuspatra mantra and i have found it
    and i want to asj its procedure or give some information about it?

    1. You can learn the same from your guru and gain diksha of the mantra

    2. Viniyogah-
      Om asya Shri Annapoornaa mantrasya,Drihin rishih,Kritish chhandah,Annpoorneshee devtaa,mam akhil(kaarya)siddhyarthe jape viniyogah.
      Tapta swarn-nibhaa shashaank mukutaa ratna-
      Naanaa vastra -viraajitaa tri-nayanaa
      bhoomi-ramaabhyaam yutaa
      Darvee haatak-bhaajanam cha dadhatee
      Nityam tam shiv-maakalayya muditaa
      dhyeyaann poorneshwaree

      (Note-There is an Annpoornaa stotram also}

  2. sir
    can the same b used for medicine marketing

  3. Sir i hve no guru
    so i hve asked

    1. Pashupat astra mantra is long and cannot be explained by me in a single comment. Also that mantra cannot be chanted without guru diksha


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