Mantra for Occult Power to Know Language of Cats

Cats are quite secretive and mysterious they can also teach practitioner lots of secrets about life and cosmos.

The Mantra Experiment, which is said to enable the practitioner to gain the Occult Powers to know and understand the language of Cats has been shared by -  Kapil Pramanick

Procedure of performing the Mantra Experiment is as follows:
On the month of Shravan, the Sadhak has to take a one time meal and worship "Sankata Devi" regularly. After worshiping this goddess, the practitioner needs to chat the above mantra daily to understand the language of cats, the Sadhak also begets the paranormal abilities to look into the past present and future. The Mantra is  -

 Om Hreem Kidkantaya Swaha ||
ॐ ह्रीं कीडकनटाय स्वाहा ||

Notes - The Mantra Prayog needs the worship of Sankata Devi an aspect of the Divine Mother. Not much is known about Sankata Devi and there is only one known temple in India, which is dedicated to Sankata Devi, which is in the holy city of Kashi. The Devi is also connected to the state of Kashmir and the Kashmiri People.

In my opinion, anyone wishing to perform this Sadhana, should worship Sankata Devi at home n the same manner in which he worships any other aspect of the Divine Mother. For example- Friday should be considered to be the weekly day of the Devi.

The image of the idol of Sankata Devi is available on the internet and can be downloaded and worshiped.

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  1. Dear Guruji, is Sankata devi is avatar of Maa Durga devi,Kathyayani devi ?. how many round of mala a day for how long time?
    Thank you dear guru

    1. Yes, an Avatar or form of Durga or Kathyayani Devi. The names and rituals usually depend upon age old customs and traditions.

  2. Neel sir, Can you please send provide your email to me at

    I need to solve a confidential and personal problem with your help.


    1. You can ask you queries on the concerned post.

    2. Sir,

      Its really confidential. Please give me your email. I will drop one line of email if you want to help we can continue to communicate if not We will stop. I cannot post it on public you can realise that when i send that email to you. Please sir.


    3. You can use the contact form-

  3. No On hreem kidkantaya swaha
    Om no on

  4. Can this mantra chanted 108 times daily?

  5. Sankata Devi is the wife of Swarbhanu (Rahu). One of the remedies for Rahu dosha is also to feed cats. Rahu is a lion (cat family), son of little lioness Simhika.


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