How to Welcome Lakshmi into your House

It is said in the Shastras that the Wealth Goddess Laxmi. enters a home everyday during the period 6.30 to 7.30 in the morning and evenings. It is also advised by many learned Pandits that it is most beneficial to keep the doors and windows of the house open during this period so as to welcome Lakshmi and not to prevent or restrict her entry inside the premises.

This period is also considered to be auspicious for lighting Agarbatti/Dhoop/Diya in the Puja-Ghar, house, shop or any other business premises and perform Puja of other deities as this will also attract Laxmi inside the premises.

There are some do’s and don’t prescribed for this period, you can follow them if you so desire, it is not mandatory, I am only describing what is mentioned in the Shastras. My aim is not to spread superstition and blond-faith, but only highlight Hindu religious practises and certain traditional Indian paranormal beliefs.
1. Do not engage into any kind of monetary transactions during this period or take or give loans or credit to anyone.
2. Do not eat anything or engage in giving and taking oil and salt.
3. Do not cut your nails or hair.
4. Do not clean your cupboard, desk, wash utensils or sweep the floor.
5. Do not stand/give surety, guarantee, bail or witness to anyone during the period mentioned above.
6. Do not cross your fingers like a scissors while giving or taking money from anyone.
7. Avoid screaming, shouting and loud arguments and quarrels during this period.

Cleanliness and hygiene are the qualities, which are considered to be dear to Lakshmi, is is said that Lakshmi does not frequent dirty places and avoids unhygienic people. So try to be be as clean and hygienic as possible and as far as possible have a bath everyday and try to wear clean and unsoiled clothes.


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