Mantra for Sound Sleep Without Fear

In this post, I will explain a simple yet most effective Mantra Remedy for getting sound sleep without fear, tension and dread.  This easy to practice Mantra Remedy is extremely beneficial for those persons who are suffering from chronic insomnia or those who find it difficult to sleep due to any kind of mental or even physical pressure.

There are two Mantras, which, I have given in this post, the first one is a stand-alone Mantra for getting sound sleep. This Mantra should be chanted while going to sleep in your bed, just keep on repeating the Mantra and soon you will be fast asleep.

शुद्रे शुद्रे मला-योगिनी भद्रा-निद्रे स्वाहा ||
Shudre Shudre Mala Yogini Bhadra-Nidre Swaha ||

If unable to sleep due to the reason mentioned above and also due to depression, sorrow, work-pressure or any other reason or simple fear of something or the other, including fear of legal problems, enemies, police, government, examinations or job-interview, simply chant the second Mantra. When the fear crops up in your mind, think nothing of it and chant the Mantra.

This Mantra can be chanted not only at bed time but during any time of the day, whenever you feel fearful of something or the other, including paranormal fear from ghosts and demonic entities.

श्री गुरुदेव दत्त ||
Shri Gurudev Datt ||

Notes - in the past, I had written about a couple of unique Mantra for sleep related problems, these Mantras can be seen here -
Mantra for Good Sleep
Insomnia Relief Mantra

These are stand-alone remedies and there is no need for the practitioner to engage in any other kind of worship or ritual.


  1. Sir can you also post a mantra for OCD( obessive compulsive disorder) as my dear one is suffering. Thank u

  2. This mantra let's you sleep no doubt right away but it's not to pratice every night. Trust me , it makes you more restless , experiment has proven it.

  3. .....शूद्रे शूद्रे माला - योगिनी भद्रा निद्रा स्वाहा .||

  4. ......sir me lambe samay se Deppresan OCD se paresan hu..koi accha mantra bataye jo is bimari se hum ko bachaye..

  5. Who are we praying to when we recite Shri Gurudev Datt?

  6. Hello Sir, please explain who are we praying to when reciting Shri Gurudev Datt? Thank you.


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