Shani Mantra Experiment for Rajyog

In many religious books, it is said that Shani [ Saturn] has the power to make even the King a beggar and make a beggar a King. The person who gets Shani's grace will without any doubt live like a Raja for his whole life and gain Mukti after death.

Today, I am sharing a special Shani Mantra Prayog for Rajyog through which, any person can get Shani's divine grace and achieve everything he wants in life, Shani is not as difficult to please as many assume it to be. = Ashok Mehta

Shani, as we all know is the most dreaded and feared planet in astrology. However, the truth is that Shani is not a cruel planet but a very wise planet. Even worse than Shani is Rahu, Rahu [ North Node or Dragon Head] is the most malefic planet among all planets.

In fact, if a Sadhak is going through Rahu Dasha along with Shani Sade Sati simultaneously, the effects experienced through Shani would be like a grain in the vast ocean. Rahu's malefic effects would become overwhelming while Shani's effects would hardly even be experienced.

Shani is known as a god who gets Vashibhoot through Bhakti. If you are a pious person, you will not even have to think about the bad effects of Shani.

Procedure of performing the Shani Mantra Experiment for Rajyoga -
1] Start this Sadhana on a Shukla Paksh Saturday or Amavasya or any Shiv/Vishnu/Bhairav festive day.
2] On that day, go to a Shani temple and light a sesame oil lamp and then come back home. The lamp must must earthen and it must be left there itself.
3] Come back home and then sit facing North on a Black Aasan or a Kush Aasan.
4] Keep a Chowki in front of you and spread a black cloth on it.
5]Keep a Shani Yantra or Iron Shani Idol on the cloth.
6] Light a sesame oil Diya and apply Bhasma(ashes) as Tilak on yourself.
7] Worship Guru, Panchdevta and Shani Dev.
8] Take a Sankalp for your wishes.
9] Using a Black Hakik Mala, chant the Mantra for 21 Mala for 108 days.
10] After completing the day's Mantra Japa, the Mala must be left in front of the Yantra/Idol in Gaumukhi and must be taken from the same place the next night for Japa. Till then, the Sadhak must try not to move it or keep it somewhere else.
After end of the Mantra Prayog, do Visarjan of the articles.

Mantra - || ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं शनैश्चराय नमः ।।
।। om em hreem shreem shaneishcharaay namah ।।

This Shani Mantra Experiment, without any doubt will fulfill all the wishes of the Sadhak. The Sadhak will be amazed by the results of this Mantra.


  1. Saturn has directional rulership over west so is west the direction to be faced ?
    This should be night time prayog ?

    1. Do sadhana facing north only. Because north is the direction of shanti karma.
      And this is a night time prayog

    2. Hello Sir,

      I am a lady living in Malaysia and I would like your advice pertaining to this Shani Mantra Experiment. Would you please kindly advice me on my monthly woman unclean time during this 108 days of prayer?

      Your kind help and assistance is much appreciated.

      Thank you.

    3. You should take a break during the Monthly Cycle and continue from where you discontinued after the Cycle.

  2. What should we do with yantra n mala after completion of Sankalp. Also what if we have to travel and are not at home

  3. What should be the time for puja at night

  4. Dear Guruji pranam,

    here i have small quarry that is
    1) What to do the idol or yantra after completing the 108 day mantra sadhana

    2) Sl.No 10 have to mention the sadhaka do not try to move it or keep it somewhere, is it for 108 days or every day completing the japa moving or keeping ? ( becuase for this question while making pooja times for other gods like amavasy or purnima or weekday pooja on that time every one want to do pooja roam cleaning and )

    please suggest the above 2 question

    Manjunath H


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