Paranormal Belief on Watching Crows Mating

Today, I will share some rare and interesting knowledge on what to do if you see a crow mating. As per traditional Indian Paranormal Beliefs, if someone sees a crow, snake, python or bat mating it is considered extremely dangerous for that person. It is also be said that it is one of the most unfortunate event that can ever happen with someone. - Ashok Mehta

If a person is going somewhere and he sees snakes mating, it is extremely dangerous and one must first shift his eyes in another direction and then go back to the place where he has come from because going ahead would be equal to inviting death.

The result of watching crows mating is even worse than that of watching the mating of snakes and the person who watches crows mating will die within 6 months. This is not a prophecy or prediction, but the end result of the act of watching the crows mating, according to traditional Indian Paranormal Beliefs.

If such a thing happens, the person must make a doll or statue in the likeliness of a crow out of salt granules and leave it in a Shiva temple. While coming back he must look very straight ahead and not look back or sideways or go in reverse direction under any circumstances.

After coming back home, he must take a Sankalp of chanting the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra for 21 rosaries daily for 6 months in order to avoid the death that was going to come due to watching crows mating.

This is the only remedy for averting this danger and one must make sure he does this remedy is completed properly in a single attempt.

There another remedy wherein one must spread the false news about his own death. But I do not suggest using this remedy as it is a very doubtful and unreliable remedy.


  1. Namaste Ashok sir, please can I know the source of this article

    1. This post though difficult to believe but is true. Both atharvaved and samveda prove it.

    2. Thank you sir for the information

  2. Sir I have seen crows mating 5 years ago.

  3. Respect sir, do the information given by you is right or hoax. Do you approve this or not. plz reply me

  4. sir,
    regarding lizards mating because
    it appears like fight
    reply pls

  5. Sir please let us know what if we see Lizards mating


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