Saraswati Mantra to Remove Timidity and be Sharp-Witted

In professional, business, social or personal life, every person needs to be able to voice his or her opinions and make people listen to him or her. However, many times, due to various and continuous problems in life, a person starts fearing everything because he starts feeling that the so and so thing may cause another problem.

This timidity in turn causes loss of lots of opportunities in life. Hence, in order to remove this timidity and to be able to voice your opinions, I am sharing a very simple Mantra Prayog using which a person can get rid of timidity. - Ashok Mehta

Also, many people face the problems of bad and uncontrollable thoughts which happens due to weak mental power.

Using this Mantra, one will be able to get rid of his bad thoughts and gain sharp-wittedness.

The Saraswati Mantra Prayog is extremely simple and can be practiced by anyone. There no drawback in this mantra and this mantra also works very quickly.

This Mantra can also be used to improve your brain power very easily because if your brain is powerful we can complete all other tasks much easily and more smartly. Not only this, you will also gain fame for your immense knowledge and quick wits.

Following is the procedure described below-
1. Start this Saraswati Mantra Sadhana from a Monday, Wednesday or Friday of a Shukla Paksha.
2. Sit facing the  north on a Kush Aasan and keep a copper or steel plate in front of you and keep a Saraswati photo or Yantra on it.
3. Then, light a Pure Ghee Diya in a Copper Diya.
4. Chant 1 Mala of ॐ गं गणपतये नमः using a Rudraksh Rosary or Red Coral Rosary.
5. Worship Maa Saraswati using flowers, incense sticks and rice.
6. Take a Sankalp of your wishes.
7. Chant 3 Mala of this Mantra for 21 days. Use a Sphatik or White Chandan Mala for the Mantra Japa.

At the end of 21 days, you will see most amazing changes in your life.

This Saraswati Mantra is very very effective for people who affected by Panch Vikaar viz., Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moha, Dukha (Lust, Anger, Infatuation, over Desirous Nature or Sadness).

Mantra: || ॐ ऐं सरस्वत्यै ऐं नमः ।।
।। Om aim saraswatyai aim namaha ||


  1. Hi sir.. Thank you for this post.. Can you please tell me what the mantra from step 4 is..

  2. Will certainly do it, sir.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The first one is ganapati mantra it is ' Om gam ganapataye namaha'
      Second one is already given in the post!!!!

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  5. Guruji can we start second mantra same day or we should start next day?

  6. U should chant both mantras everyday for 21days

  7. Will this mantra prayog cures inferiority complex of a person and make him bold?

  8. 1. Can this sadhana be repeated after some days?
    2. can we chant a mala of this mantra daily?

    1. 1. you can repeat the sadhana
      2. After prayog you can chant this mantra 1 mala daily

  9. Guriji if there is no copper lamp can we use the earthen lamp?

  10. Sir can I do this sadhana daily at night?


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