Upay for Removing Nazar Dosh By Oil

In this post, I will explain a very simple Tantra, which is said to be very effective in removing Nazar Dosha or malefic, harmful, dull or regressive energies emitting from foes, rivals, enemies or jealous persons. This easy to perform Indian Paranormal Remedy as per the writings of the Tantra is said to remove all kind to obstacles, blockages or lack of progress and ensure smooth resolution of matters related to court cases, legal disputes, loans and recovery of loans and getting money when it matters most.

The Totka should be performed on any Saturday, the practitioner should take a small Makta, even a small Clay Diya will do, and fill it with any kind of oil. The oil should be one with which Diyas are normally lit, like Groundnut Oil, Sarson Ka Tel, Refined Oil. Then, the practitiner should see the reflection of his or her face in the oil.

Nazar Dosh By Oil Removal Spell
Nazar Dosh By Oil

Then, the oil in the Diya/Matka should be donated to any poor person or it can be added to the oil in a Diya in any temple or it can be offered to Hanuman in any Hanuman Mandir.

This concluded this most simple Upay to remove obstacles, stoppages and hurdles, this Upay does not need the chanting of any kind of Mantra or Stotra or any form of worship.

This practitioner should, if possible perform this simple Upay on every Saturday, until he feels all his problems have been resolved to his satisfaction.

Another, simple Upay to make business related issues and problems disappear is to offer a Mala/Garland of 11 Cloves[Loung] to the Hanuman Idol in a Panch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir on any Saturday. The Loung Mala can be prepared at home by taking a thread and tying knots to 11 cloves on the thread.

Both the remedies described are stand-alone remedies and can be performed either together or separately.


  1. Sir,
    In the above mentioned totka offering of the oil to Hanuman ji means the diya should be lighten up or to be kept normally at mandir premises?

    1. The oil in the Diya should be poured into the Diya in the Hanuman temple.

  2. Guruji, what color thread has to taken to make mala?

    Thank you.

    1. Color is not important, but either red of white color is better.


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