Unintentional Use of Tulpa in Enemy Destruction Rituals

In this post, I have written about the strong possibility of unintentionally unleashing Tulpas created by the mind to punish enemies and rivals or even to harm someone for taking revenge upon that person for any reason, including jealousy.
Some years back, I had written an article on the possibility of Gods, Demonic Entities, and Ghosts actually being unintentional thought forms or imaginary beings, friends, or protectors created by the mind of an individual depending upon the belief system and the mental conditioning of the individual. That article can be seen here: The Chances of Gods and Demons being Tulpas.

About Tulpamancy: There is a large community of Tulpamancers or persons who intentionally practice creating imaginary beings by following certain methods, which are classified as Tulpamancy. These persons mostly create their own personal Guardian Angels and other customized Supernatural Beings to help them tide over problems and difficulties or to achieve success in any motive, including fulfilling wishes and desires.

Unintentional Use of Tulpas in Settling Scores with Enemies: In this phase of Kaliyuga or Age of Darkness, it is easier to tune the mind to achieve negative and bad deeds because as explained in many earlier articles about 75% of all energies and vibrations in the atmosphere are harmful and negative. Hence, it is easier to harness negative vibration than Satvik or Positive Energies.

There is a strong possibility that a person practising Aghor Tantra or Tantric Enemy Destruction Experiments, like Maran, Uchchatan, Stambhan and Vidveshan Mantras, Yantras, and Remedies could be unintentionally unleashing demonic thought forms or powerful negative vibrations in the direction of the targetted person.
Use of Tulpa in Enemy Destruction

Powers of Enemy Destruction Tulpas: The powers of the Tulpas depend largely upon the powers attributed by the practitioner to the entity he wants to invoke. These unseen beings could be a Veer, Yaksha, Pishacha, Bhoot-Pret, or any other entity the practitioner is attempting to invoke to punish or destroy his enemy. Another important factor for success in such experiments is the practitioner's belief in the entity.

As mentioned above, it is mostly Tamsic or Fearsome Motives that can be achieved through such Tantric Rituals because it is far easier to harness such energies in the Kaliyuga. Another thing that I have noted in all these years of studying paranormal spells is that spontaneous or unplanned bursts of negativity, like curses, work very efficiently as intended. Hence, one should be very careful in such matters.

But please do not think that all such supernatural or demonic beings are Tulpas created by the mind. Many genuine Hindu Mantras, Yantras, and Prayers can connect the practitioner to powerful Gods and Goddesses.

Note: Readers can see the sections Prophet666.com: Mantras and Yantras for Enemy Problems and Articles on Indian Mantras for more information about such supernatural practices.


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