Powerful Shabar Mantras for Protection and Fulfilling Wishes

In this post, I have written about Shabar Mantras for getting full protection from all possible dangers and threats and for fulfilling wishes and achieving success in the desired work. These Shabar Mantras are Swayam Siddha Mantras that can be implemented without actually Mastering them.

The procedure of practicing these Shabar Mantras is easy and uncomplicated and the practitioner has to only chant the Shabar Mantra and blow his breath on his body or palm to get full protection or fulfill a desire.

Shabar Mantra for Full Protection: The Shabar Mantra will be very potent in providing complete protection to the practitioner everywhere, including his dwelling place or wherever he travels for any work. The Shabar Mantra protects the practitioner from all possible seen and unseen dangers, like dangers from bandits and cheats and ghosts and spirits.

The Shabar Mantra should be chanted 21 times and then the practitioner should blow his breath over his body.

आसन बाँधो, बेढहा बाँधो | बाँधो चारों द्वार | तोला बाँधो, तोर गुरुवाइन ला बाँधो | जावे कोन द्वार | मोर बाँधे, मोर गुरु के बाँधे | महादेव के बाँधे, चारों द्वार बाँधा जा |

Aasan Baandho, Bedhaha Baandho | Baandho Charom Dwaar | Tola Baandho, Tor Guruvaaeen La Baandho | Jave Kon Dwaar | Mor Baandhe, Mor Guru Ke Baandhe | Mahadev Ke Baandhe, Charom Dwaar Bandhaa Jaa |

The Hindi video of this Shabar Atma Raksha Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Sarva Khatron Se Raksha Karne Ka Shabar Mantra

Magical Shabar Mantra to Fulfil a Wish in 3 Chants: This is a Magical Shabar Mantra Chant that possesses the powers of fulfilling any wish or desire or give success in any work or task by simply chanting the Mantra 3 times and blowing your breath on the right palm. After doing this, the practitioner should start the work or leave his home for the task he wants to get success in.

This Mantra is based upon the information posted on our site by Shri Satyanidhi a few years back. That post can be seen here: Mantra to Worship Lord Vishnu for Wealth. The Mantra is dedicated to the Mother Goddess Kali Mata and is often chanted in the form of an Aarti to please and get her blessings.

Shabar Mantra for Fulfilling Wishes

|| Kali Ghate Kali Maa, Patit-Paavani Kali Maa, Javaa Phoole-Sthuri Jale | Saee Javaa Phool Mem Siaa Bedaae | Devir Anurbale | Ehi Hot Karibaja Hoebe | Taahi Kali Dharmer | Bale Kaahar Aagya Raathe | Kalika Chandir Aaso ||

Readers can view the Hindi video of this Shabar Wish Fulfilling Mantra on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Sirf 3 Bar Mantra Bolkar Manokamna Puri Karne Ka Chamatkari Shabar Mantra

Note: Even though both these Shabar Mantras are Swayam Siddh Mantras, the practitioner should first memorize them before actually using them to get protection or fulfill a wish.


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