Shabar Mantra for Good Luck and Getting Anything

In this post, I have described a Secret Shabar Mantra for getting anything you want by transcending the effects of Good or Bad Karma. This is also a most powerful wish-fulfilling Mantra that can give any desired thing to the practitioner, like a new house, money and wealth, cars, or any other wished-for thing.

The Shabar Mantra is also capable of fulfilling wishes and desires about non-material things, like success in love with a desired man or woman, destruction of enemies and rivals, or success in getting a new and better paying job or success in starting a new business venture.

The simple method of practicing this Shabar Mantra Experiment has been given below:

1] This is a one-tine Shabar Mantra Prayog and it can be done on any day. The Mantra Experiment will not take much time to complete and there are no specific rules or rituals of any sort associated with this Shabar Mantra Experiment. Hence, this Mantra Prayog is very suitable for everyone, including lay-persons and advanced Sadhaks of Shabar Vidya.

2] The practitioner has to complete the Mantra Experiment in secrecy without any kind of disturbance. He should take a Chameli Flower called Jasmine Flower in English and keep it in front of him on a small plate and chant the Shabar Mantra given below 108 times while gazing at the Jasmine Flower. Any kind of counting rosary can be used for this purpose or if the practitioner feels uncomfortable using a counting rosary, he can use his fingers to count the number of Mantra Chants.

ॐ मातंगिनि विमलमति काली ह्रीं घे घः ||

Om Matangini Vimalamati Kali Hreem Ghe Ghah ||

3] This process will infuse the Jasmine Flower with the power of the Shabar Mantra. After, this the practitioner can keep the Jasmine Flower in his Place of Worship or any other clean place. After a couple of days, when the flower will starts drying, the practitioner can immerse it in a water body.

Note: The Hindi language video of this Shabar Wish Fulfilling Mantra Experiment can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Kismat Chamka Kar Kuch Bhi Pane Ka Gupt Shabar Mantra


  1. How do we put our manifestation / desire during the mantra jaap?

  2. Same doubt here, Neel Sir, should our wish be expressed in some kind of form before or after the mantra japa? Please give a brief answer. Thanks a lot.

    1. Before starting the Mantra Experiment, you can express your wish just once.

  3. neel sir. please explain what is meant by when to immerse flower in water body

    1. The flower should be immersed in a river, lake or canal when it has dried.

  4. Can we repeat this mantra after 2 / 3 months? And is another flower possible? In Europe is a jamin flower hard to find. Thank you

    1. You can repeat after month, but the Tantra has only mentioned a Jasmine Flower.

  5. Can I repeat the mantra experiment another day for another wish??

  6. Neel sir..can we use a jasmine bud in it's unopened form or it has to be a jasmine flower in it's full bloom.
    Sorry Neel sir but do need your guidance

  7. Ok dear Neel it,a blooming or an opened jasmine flower.
    Thank you neel sir


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