Bay Leaf Paranormal Remedy to Fulfill Any Wish

In this post, I have written about a very popular and effective Indian Paranormal Home Remedy for fulfilling any wish or desire or getting success or victory in any work or task by just burning a Tejpatta, which is also called Tamal Patra or Bay Leaf in English. 

This simple paranormal remedy is capable of fulfilling any wish or desire of the practitioner, including wishes connected to the gain of money and wealth, the attraction of any desired man or woman for the purpose of romance or marriage, and the destruction of diseases, enemies, and foes.

This is a very simple and uncomplicated home remedy for fulfilling wishes and it can be practiced as described below:

1] The remedy can be practiced on any day at any time without the need to chant any Mantra or Prayer or to perform any ritual or Tantra.

2] The practitioner should take an undamaged Tej Patta or Bay Leaf in his right hand and briefly state his wish or desire and then burn the Bay Leaf to ash and then blow the ash of the burnt Bay Leaf in the East Direction.

3] This is all that should be done to practice this wish-fulfilling remedy. The practitioner should practice the remedy one time for the fulfillment of each wish. However, it would be worthwhile to mention that the remedy should never be used to fulfill minor or unimportant wishes or for worthless purposes because it will reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.

Some information about the Bay Leaf in Tantric Practices:

The Tejpatta possesses strong magical and paranormal properties and hence it is used in a wide range of Indian Tantric and Supernatural Remedies.

Burning a Bay Leaf in the home, shop, office, or any other premises will remove negative and harmful energies from that place and attract positive vibrations. 

Burning a Bay Leaf will also remove stress, tension, and depression and calm down the mind of an agitated and excited person and improve his mood, 

Note: The Hindi language video of this Tejpatta Upay can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Sirf Ek Tejpatta Jalakar Iccha Puri Karne Ka Shaktishali Upay


  1. Do we have to do this remedy inside the house or outside the house?
    I mean to ask…. we hv to blow the ashes towards east direction right?? That’s why asking the above question.

  2. I meant to ask , the leaf won't burn down to the bone , can we still blow the dust with remaining ? The leaf is not dry , remember we pluck it from trees , it's hard to burn .
    Also how many times we can do it in a day ?

    1. These Bay leaves are easily available in the market so no need to pluck them from a tree.

    2. Easily available but not all are undamaged.


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