Mantra Meditation on the Sun as the Soul

Since time immemorial some adepts have been suggesting that the Sun or Surya Devta is the Soul of the Earth, Humans, and all Living Organisms. This theory is substantiated by the fact that the Earth was a part of the Sun or originated from the Sun.

Hence, most living and material substances that are found on the Earth have originated from the Sun. I have especially said “most living and material things” because many of them have also arrived on the Earth from outer space, besides the Sun,

However, the Sun is the basic source of life and energy, and hence “no Sun no Life” is a basic fact of life until humans find similar environments beyond the Sun in outer space, which is a very strong possibility in the future,

In this post, I have described a very simple method of mediation upon the Sun as the Soul or source of life. This meditation will heal the mind and remove any kind of negativity or mutations like Bad Karma quickly by removing the accumulated negativity and attracting positivity and making the mind fresh and vibrant.

Some information about this Surya Mantra: This Surya Mantra is based upon the Name Number: 79 आत्मरूपिण्/Atmarupin, which is described in the Sri Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali/श्री सूर्य अष्टोत्तर शतनामावली or the 108 Names of the Sun God.

The meaning of the Mantra in Hindi and English: I Meditate upon the Sun God, Who is my Soul/आत्मा रूपी सूर्यदेव को मेरा नमन।

The main benefits of this Suryadev Meditation: The Mantra will start working from day-one itself and remove depression, phobia, fear, tension, anxiety, fear of enemies, curses, evil-eye, Voodoo Blackmagic Spells and paranormal entities,

Apart from removing the negativity mentioned above, chanting the Mantra will start attracting positivity, which means happiness, love and affection, money, and wealth. The personality of the practitioner will become attractive, magnetic, and radiant and all persons will become attracted toward him and he will become a popular and sought-after person.

Some advanced practitioners who become totally engrossed in the mediation can also gain certain supernatural powers, like intuition, telepathy, and ESP.

The method of practicing the Sun Meditation: 1] The Mantra Experiment can be started on any day, and it is preferable to start the meditation early in the morning. There is no worship or rituals involved in this Surya Mantra Meditation.

2] The practitioner can sit down comfortably, facing the Sun, and mentally imagine that his Soul is the Sun and chant the Mantra mentally or verbally for about 5 minutes daily. However, the practitioner must not look at the Sun and chant the Mantra with his eyes closed.
Surya Dev Mantra for Magnetic Personality

ॐ आत्मरूपिणे नमः ||
Om Atmarupine Namah ||

Note; The Hindi language video of this Sun Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Prachand Urja Aur Tej Paane Ka Suryadev Mantra


  1. Is it possible to post more siddhi sadhanas?

  2. Let's be grateful to our Guru Neel sir. This site is of siddi sadhanas. Perform the sadhana pescribed in the post to attain siddi..

  3. Namaste Neil, thank you for all your info. Can I chant this mantra for my husband who is in a very dark place?
    Thank you


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