Surya Mantra for Beauty and Healing

In this post, I have described a very useful Surya Dev Mantra Sadhana for becoming beautiful, handsome, charming, and seductive by possessing a magnetic personality and be able to cast a very strong hypnotic spell on all men and women for any kind of purpose.

The Surya Mantra Sadhana also makes the practitioner fresh, healthy, and energetic by healing his or her body quickly by exorcising evil and harmful energies from the body and its surroundings.  The Sadhana may appear to be simple and uncomplicated, but it gives immense benefits to the practitioner. 

Even though there are quite a few Surya Dev Mantras, which can be chanted for this or similar Mantra Sadhanas dedicated to the Sun God, I have specifically mentioned this Surya Mantra because not only is this Mantra simple and easy to chant but it also gives fast results.

Important Benefits of chanting this Surya Mantra:

1] The practitioner will be able to enhance his or her looks and personality, which can be termed as Sundar, Sammohak, or Akarshak Vyaktitva in Hindi, and be able to attract all persons for any kind of purpose, including love and business. 

2] The Surya Mantra Prayog is very useful in removing all the negative energy or Nakaratmak Urja, which has accumulated during the course of the day in the body, aura, and surroundings of the practitioner.

3] This Mantra Experiment is most beneficial in rejuvenating the mind and brain of the practitioner and make it fresh and vibrant.

4] This simple therapy also removes most diseases, ailments, and disorders, including depression, fear, anxiety, and phobia.

5] For the benefit of the followers of Mantra Vidya, I should also mention that the Mantra Experiment removes the harmful effects of Voodoo Blackmagic and Tantric Spells, Curses, and Evil Eye.

The procedure of chanting this Surya Beej Mantra:

1] The Surya Beej Mantra given below should be chanted for about 5 minutes early in the morning after sunrise.

ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं सूर्याय नमः ||

Om Hreem Hreem Suryaya Namah ||

2] The practitioner should preferably have a bath before starting the Mantra Chanting and the Mantra should be chanted facing the east direction.

3] Special Puja-Vidhi or offering Arghya or Water or any other item to the Sun God is not necessary. The Mantra Chanting can be started on any day.

The Hindi language video of this Suryanarayan Mantra Prayog can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Surya Jaisa Sundar Aur Rupvan Banane Ka Mantra Prayog

Note: This is a simple yet most useful tried and tested Mantra Sadhana for everyone, including laypersons, especially during the most trying and difficult period of the pandemic where most people are seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. We must as said keep praise the Sun higher than Rahu in this difficult times in general

  2. How long will I have to do it & if I stop sadhana after 4months what will happen will I loose the looks gained & can I chsnt this mantra mentally

    1. That depends upon you, you can take a Sankalp and chant the Mantra for a pre-determined number of days, if desired.

  3. Can it be chanted mentally and can it be stopped when one feels one is good looking enough


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