Shri Krishna Mantra for Wealth and Enemy Destruction

In this post, I have written about 2 small, but very powerful fast working 3 words Mantras of Shri Krishna for getting all kinds of wealth, prosperity, and happiness and for removing any enemy, including hidden and unknown enemies.

These Shri Krishna Mantras are based upon the name “Haraye – हरये” which is contained in the 1000 Names of Shri Krishna or the Shri Krishna Sahasranamavali Stotram.

The name “Haraye” is also attributed to many Hindu Deities and is also contained in the Sahasranamavali of these Deities. However, these Mantras are dedicated to Lord Krishna for some specific reasons, including the fact the “Haraye” is the first name contained in the Shri Krishna Sahasranamavali Stotram.

These Shri Krishna Mantras are very beneficial for all true and sincere Shri Krishna Bhakts because they are very easy to chant and at the same time most powerful Mantras that are capable of generating tremendous energy.

The practitioner can chant these Shri Krishna mantras either verbally or mentally depending upon his wishes.
Most Powerful Mantras of Lord Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna Mantra to Destroy Enemies:

This Mantra makes the use of the Beej Mantra – Hoom – हूं along with the name – Haraye - हरये and hence it is capable of generating immense energy that can destroy any enemy, no matter how powerful and influential.

The procedure of chanting this Shri Krishna Mantra is given below:

1] The practitioner should do Smaran of Lord Krishna and then remember the enemy or enemies and then chant the Mantra 11 or 21 times or more in the morning or at night before going to sleep or both these times.

2] The Mantra Chanting should be done every day until the enemy-related problems are finished.

|| हूं हरये नम: ||

Hoom Haraye Namah ||

The Hindi language video of this Shri Krishna Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel - Ghar Baithe Shatru Ka Vinash Karne Ka Krishna Mantra

Shri Krishna Mantra to Gain Wealth and Happiness:

This Shri Krishna Mantra makes the use of the Maya Beej – Hreem – ह्रीं along with Haraye – हराये.

Chanting this Shri Krishna Mantra will give the practitioner all kinds of wealth, including money and luxurious items. The Mantra at the same time makes sure that the practitioner gets pleasure and happiness by enjoying the wealth.

The Mantra also makes the social and domestic life of the practitioner peaceful and gives him Moksh or Liberation.

The procedure of Chanting this Shri Krishna Mantra:

1] The practitioner can chant this Mantra as much as he desires during any time of the day or night while working or walking.

2] If the practitioner wishes to chant the Mantra for a fixed number of Mantra Chants, he can chant it 7, 11, 21, or more times in the morning or at night before going to sleep or at both these times.

|| ह्रीं हरये नम: ||

|| Hreem Haraye Namah ||

Note: Most Powerful Mantras of Lord Krishan and Dashavatar can be seen in the section on Vishnu Mantras and Prayers and the Hindi language versions on our YouTube Channel.


  1. I really miss the comments of satya nidhi ji.I think he has gone to heaven.He has taught me many things via email.I want to make those things public here,So that someone can be benefitted from it.Kindly tell me how to give you screenshots of those emails.

    1. I still hope that he is healthy and among us, You can forward the contents to me by mail, but we will wait for a few days before publishing it.

    2. Please send me too. I would be really grateful

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  2. Hi. Just to check if I can chant hoom haraye namah 30mins and hreem haraye namah 30mins. Is it fine? Is namah pronounce as namah or namaha?


  3. Hi Sir,

    This enemy destroy mantra is a Videshan, Uchatan, Maran Or Stambhan mantra?

    Has this mantra any bad effects to the person who is chanting this mantra to get rid of his enimies?

    It is very urgent to me.

    Please let me know this and oblige me there by.


    1. It is a all-round Mantra to punish enemies as per their Karma. Shri Krishna Mantras do not give bad effets.

  4. can it be chant silently or it should aloud


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