Ayyappa Mantra to Remove Any Danger and Fulfil Wishes

Lord Shasta, also called Ayyappa or Ayyappan is a very powerful Hindu Deity who combines the strengths and qualities of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. He is the son of Mohini Roopi Vishnu and Shiva. The worship of Ayyappa is very popular in the southern states of Indian, especially in the State of Kerala.

In this post, I have written about the most powerful Mool Mantra of Ayyappa to get rid of the most difficult problems and dangers and at the same time fulfill wishes and desires.

This is a very beneficial Mantra that will get rid of all problems, including those connected with enemies, secret-enemies, diseases-pandemics, dangers from Blackmagic spells and ghosts, spirits and demons, problems connected to domestic life and the spouse, strife in the business or job and any other serious problem and danger.

As per reliable sources, this Mool Mantra is a very powerful Healing Mantra for removing depression, phobias, and other ailments connected to the mind. Along with these benefits, the Mantra also fulfills the innermost desires of the practitioner.

Ayyappan Mantra for Success

How to chant this Mantra for getting the Divine Blessings of Lord Ayyappa:

1] This being the Mool Mantra of Lord Ayyappa, the practitioner should visualize Lord Ayyappa as a young, strong, and handsome God, who is seated on a Tiger and then start chanting the Mantra. The Tiger is the Vahan or vehicle of Lord Ayyappa.

2] The practitioner should chant the Mool Mantra given below 108 times or if he is uncomfortable using a counting rosary, he can chant the Mantra for a minimum of 5 minutes every day.

ॐ ध्रूं नमः पराय गोप्त्रे नमः ||

Om Ghroom Namah Paraya Goptre Namah ||

Some Notes About the Worship of Lord Ayyappa: Lord Ayyappa is the personification of virtue and the upholder of Dharma or the model way of life. Hence, the practitioner should chant the Mantra for truthful and honest motives because this Mantra will generate tremendous energy if it is chanted with faith, dedication, and strong will-power.

Lord Ayyappa, like Shri Hanuman, is a celibate deity. Hence, there is a big controversy regarding the entry of women in the sacred Sabarimala Temple and the Supreme Court of India has removed the restrictions which prevented the entry of women inside the Sabarimala Temple.

The Hindi language video of this Shasta Bhagwan Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Kathin Sankat Aur Depression Se Mukti Paane ka Satik Mantra


  1. Namaskar Guruji. In this mantra "Namah" is missing in English mantra. Please clarify which one is correct.

  2. Neel sir..now a days I don't see comments from sathyanidhi ji in any of your recent articles.
    I really do hope and pray that all is well and fine with sathyanidhi ji

  3. Neel sir..i do hope and pray that Ashok ji too is fine and well by god's grace.
    Can't see his comments in any of your recent articles,Neel sir.
    Both Ashok ji and sathyanidhi ji used to give their inputs

    about things and as per what you had always suggested..that readers help out each other through the comments section.
    Ashok ji also has his own online site and I think it's 'hanuman consciousness',if I am not wrong.
    It was always interesting to read the inputs given by both Ashok ji and sathyanidhi ji in comments section.
    Thank you Neel sir.

  4. Namaste sir,hope this new year brings lots of happiness, prosperity and good health in your life and in every one's life .🙏I have learnt so much since my son's demise..as advised by you, I pray to lord Dattatreya every day.sir, but, I feel very scared sometimes,...don't know of what and get wiered dreams..I am at a different City now,but 2 days ago,again I experienced Burnt smell ( if you remember, i wrote about the chain of incidence that i experienced before my son's demise) may I chant this mantra too? or what can I do for my n my family's protection? Sir, please do reply . Regards,🙏

    1. Keep your Karma good. And keep the evil eyed, jealous people away from your family.

  5. Sir I forgot to mention,last night in my dreams, I saw a lady.all of a sudden lady & i get trapped in wooden planks..which came close n closer...and all of a sudden that lady n i started chanting "jai Bholenath" & "jai bhairvnath". The lady iniciated and I followed her.i vist shiv temple mostly every evening...but i didn't reminse of "Bhairav bhagvan ji". ( I dint do this deliberately) Last I read / chanted his pooja only a day or two before my son left.plz gude🙏

    1. It is a good dream, sometimes you connect with positive influences in dreams, think nothing about it, you can chant this Mantra for the protection of your family.

    2. Sir,do I need to wait for Shukla paksh to start or can I start any day? Regards

  6. Sanskrit script says Om Dhrooom, but English says Om Ghrooom. Which one is correct?


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