Shabar Mantra for All Kinds of Protection

In this post, I have written about a Shabar Badha Nashak Mantra that has to be chanted only 3 times in order to be safe and secure from all kinds of dangers and harm, while going out of the house for any important work or journey.

This Shabar Mantra as is evident from the wordings of Mantra protects the practitioner from every kind of danger and harm, including danger from enemies, thieves and dacoits, wild animals like tigers and snakes, and invisible beings like ghosts-spirits, demons, witches, and vampires.

I have not discovered any Siddhi Sadhana for Mastering this Self Protection or Atma Raksha Mantra; hence, it can be considered to be a Svyam Siddh Shabar Mantra that can be chanted straight-away to protect yourself from all kinds of harm. 

Mantra Vidhi of using this Shabar Mantra:
The Shabar Mantra given below has to be chanted verbally only 3 times while stepping out of the house for any important work or task. It can also be chanted while going on a journey.

काली काली बोंल मन काली माय लेत नाम काली शत्रु मोर काला होत बाघ साँप भूत-प्रेत अरु दक्ष दानव को बाधा न डर पंथ में नाहिं दिखाय आक्षा कामरू कामाख्या हाड़ी दासी चंडी की दोहाई ||

Kali Kali Boml Man Kali Maay Let Naam Kali Shatru Mor Kala Hot Baagh Saanp Bhoot-Pret Aaru Daksh Danaav Ko Baadhaa Na Dar Panth Mem Naahim Dikhaay Aaakshaa Kaamroo Kaamaakhyaa Haadi Daasi Chandi Ki Dohaaee ||

Notes-Even though, the Shabar Mantra invokes the Goddesses Kali Mata and Kamakhya Mata, there is no Puja-Vidhi or any kind of ritual prescribed for practicing this Atma Raksha Mantra.

This Shabar Mantra is useful for everyone, including people who are apprehensive about any kind of danger or harm, especially from enemies and other dangerous people.

More such Self-Protection Mantras can be seen in the sections on Protection Mantras and Mantras for Enemies.

You can also visit our YouTube Channel for the Hindi language videos of these Mantras.


  1. Some children have seen Aghor seekers picking up soil from the ground and making something. What kind of practice is this? Please tell a mantra.

  2. Kashif Aftab
    Sain help kro
    Devi Amal do 3 ha


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