Indian Voodoo Spell for Fast Destruction of Enemies

In this post, I have written about a very potent and Fast Working Mantra Experiment to completely destroy an enemy by practicing a remote energy transfer technique or spell using a lime, red chili powder, and a heavy object, like a stone.

This simple Shatru Nashak or Enemy Destruction Spell will work instantly and most efficiently if the practitioner practices it with intensity and willpower. I have explained similar voodoo spells in the past using similar methods. However, the spell described in this post can potentially do instant damage if the technique given is followed.

Indian Occult Spell Spell to Destroy Enemies

The method of practicing the Enemy Destruction Spell: 1] The Mantra Remedy can be practiced on any day at any time, but it will be more effective if practiced in the evenings or at night.

2] The practitioner has to take a Nimboo and sprinkle a pinch of Lal Mirch Powder or Lime and Red Chili Powder in English on the Lime.

3] Then, he should keep the Lime on the ground and think about the enemy for a few seconds and imagine that the Lime is the personification of the enemy or that it contains the Prana of the enemy and then chant the Mantra || हुं फट् स्वाहा || || Hum Phat Swaha || once and smash the Lime with the stone or heavy object and then throw the Lime outside his home.

3] This Nimboo Aur Lal Mirch Enemy Destroying Spell does not need any form of worship and it is a one-time Mantra Experiment, which can be repeated after a few days.

4] The meaning of these three words in the context of this Shatru Vinashak Mantra Prayog are:

Hum - Anger, Hate and Courage

Phat - Attacking the Enemy

Swaha - Destruction of the Enemy.

This is why these simple 3 words Mantra should be chanted with total concentration and intensity because doing so will instantly transfer the destructive energy generated by this spell in the direction of the enemy.

The Hindi video of this Fast Working Mantra Experiment to Destroy Enemies can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Nimbu Se Dushman Ko Turant Nasht Karne Ka Shaktishali Upay.

Notes: This information has only been given to give knowledge about Indian Voodoo Spells and Experiments practiced by spell-casters and Tantriks. Hence, such voodoo spells should only be practiced if the existence of the practitioner or his loved ones is in danger.

Readers can see a large collection of Mantras, Yantras, and Occult Spells for removing Enemies in the section Mantras for Enemy Problems section.


  1. What if we can't reach home of our enemy in order to throw the lime? I mean is it mandatory to throw the lime outside victims house? If we couldn't throw it outside there house,What is optional method? Thanks for voodoo I love it & looking forward for more like this

    1. Not outside the enemy house, but your house after you have smashed it,

  2. Can this b practice during monthly cycle also by ladies

    1. Yes, because there is no form of worship for this Upay.


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