Negative Energy Transfer Yantra Ritual to Destroy Enemies

In this post, I have described a Yantra ritual to damage an enemy or cruel and unscrupulous person, like a job or business rival or a neighbor or relative whose only agenda is to cause harm to the practitioner or his loved ones. This Yantra ritual to punish enemies is similar to some earlier ones for the same purpose described by me in earlier posts written over the past many years, but it more simple and far easier to practice. 

A word of caution, before proceeding further is necessary, the Yantra will work surprisingly fast and effectively if the practitioner really hates and despises the targeted person from the deepest corner of his consciousness. This is so because even though the entire ritual is simple, and straightforward and does not involve worship or the chanting of Mantras and Stotras, it works on the principle of the transfer of harmful or negative energy from the practitioner towards the targetted enemy.

I have written about such powerful Indian Occult Practices in the past because, in this Age of Darkness or Kaliyuga, about 75% of all energies in circulation are unfavorable, harmful, and destructive. The Spell Caster harnesses these malefic energies and directs them toward the targeted person. Hence, the stronger the hate, the faster and more destructive the results will be. However, Satvik or Pure Hearted people should refrain from such methods because they will not be able to trigger off the necessary vibrations.

The method of practicing this Yantra Ritual has been described below:
1] The simple Yantra comprising of 16 numbers should be written just as shown in the sample image of the Yantra on white paper with black ink. The name of the enemy should be written below the Yantra, The title of the Yantra should not be written, it has only been given for the convenience of readers.
Hindu Yantra to Punish Enemies

2] After witting the Yantra, the practitioner should place it on the ground and stab it with a pointed object, like a nail, screwdriver, or knife and then throw the torn Yantra in the drainage or flush it down the commode.

3] As mentioned above the Yantra Experiment will work surprisingly fast and effectively if it is practiced with intensity and the single-minded motive of harming the enemy. This is a one-time Yantra Experiment, which can be practiced after a few days if the practitioner fails to harness the necessary vibrations the first time.

4] The Yantra comprising unique numbers is only a vehicle to transfer the negative energy from the practitioner toward the target. The practitioners can write the number in any order and in any language.

Notes: Information about this Hindu Yantra Ritual has only been given to share knowledge about such Indian Occult Practices and not to induce any person to practice the same.

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