Shiva-Hanuman Mantra to Instantly Energize Yourself

In this post, I have written about a simple method of energizing your mind and body and increasing your mental and physical strength, stamina, and vitality. If chanted with the right mindset the Mantra, dedicated to either Shiva or Hanuman enables the practitioner to suck or attract energy from the very root or source of the Universe. I have also written about a most powerful Hanuman Mantra to instantly remove negativity.

To get success in the meditation, the practitioner should understand that he is trying to merge his Soul with the Over-Soul or trying to become one with Lord Shiva or Lord Hanuman. By engaging in this exercise the practitioner will suck the most powerful vibrations into his mind and body.

This will remove all weak, dull, negative, and unhelpful energies that have accumulated around his mind, body, and aura. This Mantra Meditation is also beneficial for weak, helpless, and depressed people who lack strength and vitality.

Shiva-Hanuman Mantra to Strength

Description of this Mantra: This Mantra can be found in the Shri Hanuman Ashtottara Shatnam Namavali and Shiva Sahasranama Stotram and is based upon the Name महाकाय / Mahakaya, which is attributed to both Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

The literal meaning of Mahakaya is gigantic, massive, or huge. However, in the context of this Mantra, the meaning can be taken to be endless, and infinite, which can be termed as the Brahmand or Universal Form of Shiva or Hanuman as the one and only Supreme Being.

Hence, the practitioner can dedicate this Mantra to any one of these most revered and hugely popular Hindu Deities, depending upon his individual choice of the Supreme Being.

|| ॐ महाकायाय नमः ||
|| Om Mahakayaya Namah ||

Best Way to chant this Mantra: The practitioner should meditate upon the Cosmic Form of Shiva or Hanuman for a few seconds and then chant the Mantra 108 time or about 10 minutes daily. This will give the best results if it is practiced at the same time daily.

The effects of this Mantra will be experienced very soon and on the first day of the meditation if chanted with concentration, faith, and devotion.

2] Hanuman Mantra to instantly get rid of negativity and evil energies: This is a most potent tried and tested Hanuman Mantra to drive away ghosts, spirits, demons, Black magic spells, evil-eye, curses, and other powerful negative vibrations. This Mantra invokes the South Facing or Dakshin Mukhi Fearsome Narsimha Face of Lord Hanuman. 

I have specially written about this Hanuman Mantra because it can instantly remove or destroy even the most powerful evil energies. Those who are unable to chant the Mantra due to language and pronunciation problems can listen to this Hanuman Mantra because that will be equally effective in annihilating evil vibrations.

Method of chanting this Hanuman Mantra:
The practitioner should chant this Mantra 11 0r 21 times daily. If suffering from fear of the dark, nightmares, or any unexplained dread, the practitioner can chan the Mantra before going to sleep at night.


ॐ दक्षिण मुखाय पंचमुख हनुमते कराल वदनाय नरसिंह ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रूं ह्रैं ह्रौं ह्रः सकल भूत प्रेत दमनाय स्वाहा ॥


Om Dakshin Mukhaya Panch Mukh Hanumate Karaal Vadnaaya Narasimha Om Hram Hreem Hroom Hraim Hroum Hrah Sakal Bhoot Pret Damanaaya Swaha ॥

This Hindi video of this Hanuman Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Khatarnak Nakaratmak Shaktiyon Ko Nasht Karne Ka Hanuman Mantra 

Note: More Mantras and ancient prayers of these most powerful Hindu Gods can be seen in the Sections Mantras of Hanuman and Shiva Mantras.


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