Three Small But Most Potent Mantras

In this post, I have written about three Small Mantras, which give great benefits. These Miraculous Beej Mantra are very effective and beneficial for anyone who is seeking fast-working supernatural solutions for removing his problems or fulfilling his desires.

Small but Most Powerful Mantras

1] Mantra for Instant Money and Wealth, Gain of Male Progeny and Enemy Destruction:
This Mantra is very useful for people who are trying to gain wealth and property, hoping to be parents of a baby boy, or wishing to eradicate their enemies. The practitioner can chant the Mantra even if he needs any one, two, or all three benefits that can be gained by chanting this Mantra.

ॐ ऐं सः नमः ||
Om Aim Sah Namah ||

2] Mantra that will give you Anything:
This small Magical Mantra does exactly that, it can give the practitioner anything by fulfilling his wishes and desires. This is a very potent all-in-one Mantra that does everything and can be chanted for any purpose or motive or to remove any difficulty or problem. 

|| ऐं लं नमः ||
|| Aim Lam Namah ||

3] Mantra to Eradicate All Sins and Diseases: This short Mantra is most potent in eradicating sins, bad karma, negativity, curses, and evil eye and energizing the mind and body of the practitioner and giving him excellent health and beauty. This is a very beneficial peace, happiness, joy, and satisfaction-giving Mantra Chant, which is so powerful that it removes years-old negativity from the mind, body, and aura of the chanter.

ॐ ऐं द्रां नमः ||
Om Aim Draam Namah ||

How to Chant these Mantras:
The chanting of these Beej Mantras does not Guru Diksha and there is no need to practice any ritual or worship for chanting any of the three Mantras given above. The Mantras will start giving results instantly. However, the full benefits of these Mantras can be obtained after the completion of 125, 000 Mantra Chants.

This can be done by chanting the Mantra for a fixed number of Mantra Chants daily or by chanting the Mantra as much as required. These are tried and tested Beej Mantra Combinations that will start attracting powerful beneficial energies if chanted with faith and concentration.

The practitioner should select any one of these three Mantras, depending upon his needs, and focus all his energies upon the selected Mantra and chant it as mentioned above with sincerity and faith in the Mantra.

The Hindi version of these videos can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666:

1] Apar Daulat, Putra Prapti Aur Dushman Ko Nasht Karne Ka Satik Mantra

2] Sarva Sukh Pane Ka Chamatkari Manokamna Purti Mantra

3] Sarv Rog Aur Bure Karmo Ka Nash Karne Ke Gupt Beej Mantra


  1. Neel question,I am assuming,might upset you but it's being asked genuinely...
    Sir if AIM LAM NAMAHA is a mantra for anything then can we chant it to weaken bad karmas or sins and other negativities instead of chanting OM AIM DRAAM NAMAHA,which had been mentioned in this article as a remedy for bad karmas and other negativities.
    Please do guide Neel sir.

    1. Yes, some of the uses of these Mantras are similar.

  2. Guru please tell us what is the origins of these mantras.

    1. Guru please tell me what is the origins of these 3 mantras?:thank you.


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