Rare Shabar Mantra to Gain Land and Property

In this post, I have described the technique of practicing a Shabar Mantra Experiment for a gain of a large amount of land or landed property. This Shabar Mantra Prayog was practiced in the middle-ages for becoming landlords or Zamindars. In present times, the Mantra can be useful to those people wishing to own houses, farms, ranches, and other landed property. 

The Shabar Mantra Experiment can be considered to be trustworthy and authentic because it is described in a reliable ancient Text on Shabar Vidya and hence, it can be classified as a tried and tested Mantra for a gain of large tracts of land.

However, it is unclear which specific deity or entity is being attempted to be invoked by the Mantra Sadhana or if it is a standalone Shabar Mantra invoking the forces of nature.

The procedure of practicing the Mantra Experiment to get landed property is given below:

Shabar Mantra to own house and property

1] The Mantra Sadhana should be started on any auspicious date according to the Hindu Panchang, like a Shubh Muhurat, Shubh Yog, Nakshatra, or Tithi or any festival like Diwali, Navratri, Makar Sankranti, or Dussehra.

2] The practitioner should have a bath and wear fresh clothes and pray to Lord Ganesha and his Ishta Devta and Guru [ if he has a Guru] for success in the Mantra Sadhana.

3] Then, he should offer 1000 Ahuti or Offerings of Cow Ghee and Sarson Ke Beej [ a mixture of the clarified butter of a cow and mustard seeds mixed together] to a Fire Havan to gain Siddhi over the Mantra and be able to practice it for becoming a landlord. The Mantra given below should be chanted before making each offering to the Havan.

ॐ ह्रीं मा जाते प्रयच्छ मे धनं स्वाहा ||

Om Hreem Maa Jaate Prayachchh Me Dhanam Swaha ||

4] After gaining Siddhi, the practitioner should again make 100, 000 Offerings of Sugarcane Juice or Ganne Ka Ras in Hindi to a Fire Havan. The Shabar Mantra given above should be chanted each time before making the offering to the Havan.

5] The 100, 000 offerings should be done in a short period of time as possible, taking breaks only for the most essential chores.

Note: See the section on Wealth Mantras and Tantra, Yantras for Money and Remedies for Gain of Wealth for many other Mantras, Occult Spells and Charms for the gain of prosperity and abundance.


  1. Canejuice will hout the fire
    Also can mustard oil be substituted for seeds?
    After gaining sidhi
    Can we perform number 4 at another day ? Or everything must be done the same day ?

  2. After gaining siddhi , can the cane juice method be praticed another day ?

    1. Yes, as per the Shabar Tantra, that is the last part of the Sadhana.

  3. After attending siddhi shall we again chant this mantra or only one time sadhana is this

  4. How do you pronounce the prayachchh word ? Or how do you pronounce the entire mantra ?

    1. If unaable to pronounce the Mantra, iy is advisable not to chant it,

    2. Can't a youtube video be posted?


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