Four Most Powerful Beej Mantras to Get Anything

In this post, I have written about four very fast working and most powerful one-word Beej Mantras to remove sadness and depression, gain confidence and will-powers, remove enemies and poverty and get whatever you want or desire.

These are tried and tested Beej Mantras that are very beneficial for anyone suffering from poverty, problems due to enemies and rivals, and lack of confidence and willpower. Such people can chant any one of these mystical Beej Mantras which can generate immense positive energy.

Beej Mantra to Instantly to Remove Sadness and Depression:
This single word Beej Mantra is capable of immediately giving relief from any kind of sadness, tension, phobia, depression, unreasonable fear, and all kinds of mental or psychological disorders and disturbances.

This Beej Mantra will energize the Anahata Chakra of the Kundalini Shakti and give peace of mind and happiness to the practitioner by removing all negative energies and attracting the most powerful positive vibrations.

|| यं ||
|| Yam ||

About this Anahata Chakra Beej Mantra:
This Beej Mantra is associated with the Heart Chakra, called Anahat Chakra in Hindi, which is located in the middle of the chest at the top of the thymus gland.

How to chant this Beej Mantra: The practitioner should concentrate upon his Heart Chakra without straining himself and chant the Mantra for about 5 minutes.
Most Powerful Beej Mantras

Beej Mantra to Gain Confidence and Will Power: This single word Beej Mantra will enable the practitioner to gain confidence and will-power.

This Beej Mantra is very useful for those persons who have lost hope because they keep failing despite putting in their best efforts. The practitioner will regain hope and get success in anything or fulfill his long-cherished wishes and desires.

|| अं ||
|| Am ||

How to chant this Beej Mantra: The Beej Mantra can be chanted verbally or mentally for about 5 minutes daily. The Mantra Chanting can be continued until the practitioner feels self-assured and confident.

Goddess Dhumavati Beej Mantra to Remove Enemies and Gain Wealth: This single word Beej Mantra of the Seventh Dus Mahavidya Goddess Dhumavati can destroy even the most powerful enemies, many enemies, and hidden or unknown enemies.

At the same time, the Mantra will remove all kinds of grief, problems, and poverty and give money, wealth, and all kinds of prosperity to the practitioner.

धूं ||
Dhoom ||

How to chant this Goddess Dhumavati Beej Mantra: The practitioner should wear white-colored clothes and sit on a white-colored sitting mat and mentally visualize Goddess Dhumavati and then chant this Mantra facing the South Direction for about 5-10 minutes.

The Mantra Chanting should be continued until the enemy or money-related problems of the practitioner are resolved.

Beej Mantra to Gain Immense Wealth, Fame, Prosperity, and Destroy Enemies:

This is the Beej Mantra of Goddess Tara, the Second Goddess of the Dus Mahavidya and it is capable of giving anything to the practitioner.

|| त्रीं || || Treem ||
|| ॐ त्रीं || || Om Treem ||

How to chant this Tara Devi Beej Mantra:
This Mantra can be chanted for 5-10 minutes daily with or without Om.

Note: The Hindi language videos of these Magical Beej Mantras can be seen on our YouTube Channel.


  1. Namaste Pandit ji ,

    Mujhe dhoka mila hai bhout bada dhoka. Mera bf koi aur Dharma ka hai aur mai Hindu. Wo mera past ka faida uthya aur mujhse jhootha pyaar kiya aur mai usse sach samjh baithe. Mujhe ussne use kiya physically , mentally and financially. Now he married to someone else of his family choice . Usne kisi aur se shaadi kiya . Bhout bada khel khela pandit ji usne... paisa khatam hone k baad bhag gaya.
    Pandit ji mujhe usse saza dena hai ...jaisa usne mere sath khel khela waisa usko bhi barbad karna hai. Uska yeh shaadi todwane ka mantra, yantra yeh kuch hoga to plz mujhe do.
    Plz help me. Mai bheek mang rahe aap se mujhe help karo. Apka mai bhout badi thanks karungi.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Dear friend,
      Me ese hi pdh rhi thi to apki situation ko pdha. Astrological ho k to ni nolungi kuch. But apko apna dil dimag shant kr k apne liye hi sochna chahiye. Aap glt ni h to wo apka faida ni utha skta. Apne aap ko kbi glt ya weak mt smjhiyega. Apne ko itna shine kro k samne wala pachhataye. Ye process slow jarur h lekin kaam krta h. Aur apki kundli me dhoka likha h to wo milega hi usko aap kuch kr ni skte. Bs positive reh k ese chizo se niklne ki koshish kriye.

    2. Ruchi sen..All of this is telling enough that women should never be. Free as they have become in the modern day & age.

      It's unfortunate but you were also foolish even when these cases are well known to people - girls fall for it.

      They openly think of destroying Hindu lineage and using Hindu women as maal and they are country wide successful. Anyway, kreem beej mantra chanting can help you.

      Just leave it to kaali maa and chant kreem - 1.25 lakh times if possible..

      You must observe brahamacharya and vegetarianism .
      Through out the period.

      Skip the days when you are on menstruation cycle days.

      And sit on an aaasan in a clean and pure room - complete the chanting in as few days as possible.. understood?? That is 2-10 days without a break . Yes you must daily.

      Although a small beej mantra like "kreem" can be chanted 1.25 lakh times just within 2-3 days if you are consistent with it.

    3. More than the person , I hold you Hindu women responsible for all this.

      It's you women who have accepted the modern day western promiscuous live in relationships and bf-gf concepts and glamorized it.

      It's sinful, adharmic and destructive.

      Hindus are a race , race and lineage and it's purity is paramount and highest thing amongst us. It must preserved
      Dharm is centred around it.

      Dharmic activities will themselves disappear if we keep mixing and becoming malechas.

      And that's why women were always under restrictions and rightly so. The lakhs of cases like yours where Hindu women are physically pumped and dumped by mus men. Just goes to prove that women must never ever be left free.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Namaste Pandit Ji

    I am in real estate business and my name is Ghunraj Vishal Seegoolam born on 12 Oct 1979 at 09 30 Pamplemousses. My business is down since 3 years. Can you please give me a specific mantra or method so that I can my business to height again.

  4. Dear Tech Musings,
    Your comments are sick, sad and reflect the dark ages. Please do not use this sacred platform to spread your so called teachings. I wish you get some help. If you don't have anything constructive to add, learn from our great sages and remain quiet.

    @Suchitra - I hope you focus on improving yourself and your own life. Dwelling into negativity or using spiritual sadhna for negative intentions will only hurt you.

  5. Hi sir hi

    I am James I want business remedies for oil burying in shop I read that article I u r web but I cannot find pls me suggest the Pooja send the links


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