Seven Wish Fulfilling Names of Vishnu

In this post, I have written about the Seven Most Powerful and Fast Working Wish and Desire Fulfilling Names of Lord Vishnu and the Naam Mantras based upon these Names. These Names of Bhagwan Vishnu generate tremendous positive energy, which is capable of anything, including making the impossible possible.

The chanting of these Names or Mantras will not only fulfill wishes and desires but also give the practitioner success and victory in everything, including success in job or business, destruction of enemies and diseases, and success in love and marriage.

The meanings and purpose of these Seven Names of Lord Vishnu is almost the same, which is the “fulfiller of wishes and desires or the giver of success in anything”

The Seven Wish and Desire Fulfilling Names of Bhagwan Vishnu:

कामी Kaami
कामप्रद Kamaprada
काम Kama
कामपाल Kamapala
हरि Hari
आनन्द Ananda
माधव Madhava

Vishnu Name Mantras Based upon these Seven Names:
ॐ कामिने नमः || Om Kaamine Namah ||
ॐ कामप्रदाय नमः || Om Kaamapradaaya Namah ||
ॐ कामय नमः || Om Kaamaya Namah ||
ॐ कामपालाय नमः || Om Kaamapaalaaya Namah ||
ॐ हरये नमः || Om Haraye Namah ||
ॐ आनन्दाय नमः || Om Aanandaaya Namah ||
ॐ माधवाय नमः || Om Madhavaya Namah ||

How to chant these Names of Lord Vishnu or the Name Mantras: 1] The practitioner can either chant the Seven Names of Bhagwan Vishnu or the Naam Mantras based upon these Mantras 3, 7, 11, 21, or 108 times after doing Smaran of Lord Vishnu. The Names of Mantras can be chanted in the morning or at night before sleeping or both these times.

2] Special rituals or prayers or rules regarding direction, sitting mat, or counting rosaries are not applicable for the Mantra Chanting. The only essential requirement is that the practitioner should chant the Names or Mantras with belief and confidence.

3]The Mantra Chanting can be continued until the wish or desire has been fulfilled or success has been acquired in the purpose for which the Names were being chanted. If the practitioner wishes, he can continue the Mantra Chanting daily for good luck and auspiciousness in everything.

Notes: The Hindi language video of this Lord Vishnu Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Sarva Iccha Aur Manokamana Puri Karne Ke Vishnu Bhagwan Ke Saat Chamatkari Naam

All Kinds of Mantras, Stotras, Prarthanas, Aatris, and Remedies dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the Dus Avatar of Shri Vishnu can be found in the section on Vishnu Mantras and Tantra


  1. Neel Ji, You were saying we can directly chant his names and this will be as effective as chanting his Naam Mantra, then is this also applicable to the Dvidasha Nama Stotram of Lakshmi Devi(Twelve Names of Shri Lakshmi)? It seems that to chant a Stotra you need to chant in their "Naamavali"(Nama Mantra) form. If Yes, you said we should chant His names at least three times - does this mean one name for three times and then proceed to the next one(kAmi kAmi kAmi, kAmaprada, kAmaprada, kAmaprada, and go on...)? Please do reply for clarifying the two doubts. Many many thanks to you Sir!

    1. no those 3,7,11 times are odd numbers on how much you can say it ...
      so you can either do a mala of 108 of saying all the names 1 time.

      so if its 3 times
      its 7names*3=21 times you should say all this names in total.

      so if its 108 , one bead is 7 names so in the end youll be saying the 7 names of vishnu
      756 times.

  2. Neel Sir, please reply and clear the doubt- Is datalink Ji's statement correct? Each name can only be chanted ONCE and after the seven names are chanted, repeat at least two rounds - at least 3 rounds in total? What about the naam mantra? Can't each name be chanted three times or more(up to 108 times)? I want to learn the general rule for chanting a Stotra; please at least make a brief answer.

    1. The statement is correct, the 7 names or Mantras should be chanted once and then repeated again and so on until you chant the names for the desired count. The
      The 7 names together make 1 mantra Chant.


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