Aghori Yantra Ritual to Destroy Enemy

In this post, I have written about a deadly and fearsome Maran Yantra Ritual, which is practiced by Aghora Sadhus and Tamsik Tantriks to destroy an enemy. This death inflicting Tantric Ritual is performed at night in secrecy by these practitioners of Black Magic.

Such dangerous revenge spells are possible only for the Sadhus and Tantriks mentioned above and hard hearted people who are fearless and do not bother to think about the consequences of their actions.

Even such Stone Hearted people should practice such death inflicting rituals as a last resort, when everything has failed and there is no option left other than to destroy the targeted person. Even in such cases the targeted person should be an evil person whose death will save the lives of other innocent people.

The Maran Yantra Vidhi has been described below, apart from what is mentioned in this post, there is no need for any kind of Mantra Chanting or any other special ritual.

Aghori Yantra Ritual to Destroy Enemy in Graveyard
1] The Yantra Ritual can be performed on any day, specific Shubh Muhurat or Tithi is not needed in order to practice this Shatru Maran Ritual.

2] The Yantra, which is shown in the image should be drawn on a piece of the skin of a goat. The practitioner has to use any kind of a black colored ink and draw the Yantra using an iron nail. The name of the enemy who is desired to be destroyed should be written below the Yantra.

3] Then, the practitioner has to take a Mitti Ki Handi or Clay Pot an fill it with Sendha Namak or Rock Salt and keep the Maran Yantra inside the Rock Salt.

4] Then he has to close the clay pot with a lid and bury it in a Smashan Bhoomi or Graveyard.

As per the Maran Tantra, the enemy will fall sick and he will meet his end within a few days.

Notes- All information given in this post is based upon the Tantra and is posted only for educational purposes. This site does not endorse the use of such fearsome Indian Occult Rituals.

The Hindi language video of this Yantra can bee seen on our youtube channel.

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  1. Finally what do we do with the yantra? It only says how to write the yantra, then says fill a pot with Rock Salt and burry it in burial ground. There is no mention of it where the yantra goes. Do you put it in the pot along with the salt.

    1. It has been mentioned in the article that the Maran Yantra should be kept under the rock salt.

  2. pls the figures are written in english should we write it the same way

  3. Can I write on bojapatra this yantra it will work out

  4. 1. at what time it should be done, day time or night time ?
    2. we write name of the enemy on yantra but there will be many persons with that name. then ,how our enemy will be destroyed.

    1. Bring the soil where u bury in the graveyard n put it on enemies house.....

  5. Neel ji kya ye tantra mantra karke kiya huva hasil pichhesa se kuchh dena padta he jo hum nahi de sakte ye sach he kya

    1. If the remedies are done without thinking about these things then nothing bad or adverse effects will happen.

    2. Preeti, do understand that Karma is a bitch. She was will follow you only if you believe in her and get worried about any sort of reactions for the action you did. That's why our gurus said do the job and don't expect results out of it. When you say don't expect results out of it, it just means don't think too much about what you've done. Keep doing your job till you get the result, but don't think of it once after its done. Past is past. These is no point in thinking of it. This is how you can improve your life and this is one dirty secret to keep the karmic effects away from you.

  6. Can I put multiple yantra in a single clay pot and bury in smoshan bhumi? Or I need separate clay pot for each yantra?


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