Powerful Upay to Instantly Stop Enemy Problems

In this post, I have written about a very effective Indian Enemy Removal Spell / Upay without the use of any Mantra, Yantra, or Stotra to instantly stop all problems and difficulties originating from an enemy, competitor, jealous relative, or troublesome neighbors.

This Paranormal Remedy works extremely effectively and quickly in this period of the most dangerous Kaliyuga when most people are trying to pull others down to progress or prosper. This adversely affects good and pious people who have no other option left but to resort to supernatural means to stop their enemies or rivals.

The method of practicing this Supernatural Remedy is as follows:

Indian Totka to Instantly Stop Enemy Trouble

1] The practitioner can practice the Upay on any day and there are no rules applicable for practicing this remedy. However, the practitioner should practice this remedy only if the enemy or rival is troubling him and causing problems for no reason and he has very few options left.

2] The practitioner should take a piece of white cloth and write the name of his enemy or the person who is troubling him on that cloth with Kajal / Khol using his Index Finger or Tarjani Ungli in Hindi.

3] Then, he has to spit on the name as many times as the letters in the enemy’s name. For example, if the name of the enemy is John, he has to spit on the name 4 times with hatred and intensity and then keep that cloth on the ground and stamp on it 4 times with hatred, power, and intensity.

4] Lastly, the practitioner should take the cloth and throw it in some dirty place, like a garbage dump, gutter, or any other dirty place. After doing this, he should go back to his home without glancing back over his shoulder or speaking to anyone on the way back to his house. 

This simple Upay will trigger off immense destructive energy if it is practiced with confidence and intensity because this is one of those paranormal experiments, which work on the principles of energy transfer. If practiced with confidence, hatred, and intensity, it will easily penetrate the aura of the enemy and cause all kinds of problems for him. Otherwise, it will be a pointless exercise, which will achieve nothing.

The Hindi Video of this Enemy Trouble Removing Totka can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Dushman Ki Pareshani Band Karne Ka Bina Mantra Ka Upay

Note: The largest compilation of rare and ancient Enemy Destruction Mantras and Remedies can be viewed in the section Prophet666.com: Mantras and Remedies for Enemy Problems. 


  1. Can't I use my own garbage bin it's like outside in the yard or can I use my backyard? I don't have no other dumps in the village . Getting office enemies right now .


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