Potent Mantra to Remove Blackmagic, Evil Spirits and Heal Disease Using Water

In this post, I have written about a very potent instantly working Healing By Water Mantra Experiment for getting relief from any kind of physical, mental, or supernatural problem, like possession by ghosts, demons, and evil spirits, Tantrik Black-magic Spells and Witchcraft, Curses, Evil-Gaze and physical and mental diseases and sickness.

This simple Atma Raksha or Self Protection Mantra gives complete protection against every kind of negativity and the procedure of using this Healing By Water Mantra is so simple that laypersons can easily unlock its tremendous healing powers to not only heal themselves but also other people who are suffering from the problems and difficulties mentioned above.
Healing By Water Mantra Experiment

The method of using this Healing By Water Mantra is as follows: 1] The Mantra Experiment is free from any kind of worship and does not invoke any specific deity. However, the practitioner can say a short prayer to his Ishta Devta or preferred deity before starting the Mantra Experiment to get the desired success.

2] The practitioner should take drinking water in a glass or a small utensil and place it before himself and chant the Healing By Water Mantra given below 108 times using any kind of counting rosary or his fingers. While chanting the Healing Mantra, the practitioner should keep looking at the water. This simple process infuses the water in the container with the healing powers of the Mantra.

|| ॐ हम् क्षम् हम् सः स्वाहा ||
|| Om Ham Ksham Ham Sah Swaha ||

3] Then, he should consume the Healing Mantra Infused water to heal himself or give it to the person whom he wishes to heal. This is a one-time Healing By Water Mantra Experiment and it should work perfectly if it is practiced with confidence. If desired, the practitioner can repeat the Healing Experiment as and when needed.

The Hindi video of this Healing By Water Mantra Experiment can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Pani Se Bhoot-Pret, Jadu-Tona Aur Rog Nikalne Ka Shaktishali Mantra Upay

Some Selected Healing Mantras Using Water:


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