Powerful Yantra for Bhoot Pret Badha Removal

In this post, I have written about a Powerful Pret Badha Nivaran Yantra or a Talisman to exorcise the shadow of ghosts and spirits from the body of a possessed person. This is an uncomplicated Tantric Ritual that can easily be practiced by any person without difficulty. However, to gain instant success in the exorcism ritual, the ritual should be practiced with confidence and will power.

The simple method of practicing this simple exorcism ritual:
The Pret-Badha Nashak Yantra shown in the image should be written on small new piece of white cloth with preferably a black colored pen or marker. The name of the possessed person should be written in place of the word Name in the small square at the top of the Yantra.
Yantra to Remove Shadow of Ghosts

Then, the cloth with the Exorcism Yantra drawn on it should be shown to the possessed person and burnt to ash, the ash can be disposed off by throwing it outside the house.  This easy to practice exorcism rite makes the ghost or any other invisible being that is troubling and causing harm to the possessed person to leave his body and surroundings and run away.

Notes: Readers can see the section prophet666.com: Exorcism Spells and Rituals, for all kinds of Exorcism Mantras, Talismans and Remedies.

All information given in this post is based upon Indian Yantra Shastra and has only been described here to give knowledge about Ancient Indian Occult Practices.


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