Ram Mantra to Instantly Exorcise House

In this post, I have written about a simple but most effective Shri Ram Mantra Remedy to instantly exorcise or remove even the most powerful kind of negative and harmful energies from the house, shop, office, or any other place.

This Shri Ram Mantra Remedy ejects the negative energies from a place and at the same time starts attracting positive and helpful vibrations that bring peace, prosperity, abundance, and all kinds of wealth into that place.

This Exorcism Mantra Remedy is effective in removing all kinds of negative energies, including Blackmagic spells, hex, curses, evil-eye invisible ghostly beings and the very dangerous ill-effects of psychic attacks that are capable of triggering off many unfortunate and harmful incidents.

In a recent video, published on our YouTube Channel Prophet666. I had especially recommended this Exorcism Mantra Remedy for the most auspicious Hindu festival of Ram Navami. However, it can also be practiced very effectively on any day to remove every kind of negativity and replace it with peace and happiness.
Ram Mantra to Remove Negative Entities

The easy method of practicing this Shri Ram Mantra Remedy has been described below:

1] This is a one-time negative energy removal Mantra Experiment, and it should be practiced after having a bath and wearing fresh and clean clothes.

2] The practitioner should light an Agarbatti / Dhoop and a Diya before an idol or photograph of Shri Ram and keep a small bowl filled with water in front of the Murti or photo and then visualize the Universal or Vishwa Roop of Shri Ram and chant the Ram Mantra given below 108 times or for about 10 minutes. This Vidhi infuses the water in the bowl with the power of the Ram Mantra. The practitioner can use any kind of counting rosary for counting the Mantra Chants or even use his fingers. Vachik or Verbal Chanting of the Ram Mantra is preferable.

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं रामचन्द्राय श्रीं नम: ||
Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Ramachandraya Shreem Namah ||

3] Then, the practitioner should sprinkle the Ram Mantra-infused water in all the rooms of the house, except the toilets. This ritual destroys all the harmful energies that are present inside the house and repulses other negative energies that are trying to enter the premises.

4] Even though, this is a one-time negative vibration removal Mantra Experiment, it can be practiced whenever the need is experienced by the practitioner or his family members.

Notes: This Hindi language video of this Shri Mantra Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Nakaratmak Shaktiyan Nikal Kar Sukh Samridhi Pane Ka Ram Mantra

You can see all kinds of exorcism and negative energy removal Mantras and Remedies in the section Prophet666.com Exorcism Mantras and Rituals.


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