There Simple Indian Black Magic Repelling Charms

In this post, I have written about 3 simple to practice black magic or Kala Jadu Tona repulsing Upay or supernatural remedies that are especially beneficial for protecting children from black magic and other destructive Tantiik and voodoo black magic spells.

These easy-to-practice paranormal remedies will also be effective in repulsing the evil-gaze or Buri Nazar, curses, hex, and other harmful energies from causing harm to the practitioner. They are also very effective in protecting children from many diseases and ailments, especially problems connected to teething.

Even though I have written about many such paranormal and Tantric Remedies for getting supernatural and divine protection from evil energies and malefic entities, I have still written about these remedies because they are standalone spells that do not need the use of any Mantra, Prayer, or any kind of special exorcism ritual.

These black magic repulsing remedies can be practiced on any day as described below in this post. There is no need to practice all the three remedies given below and the practitioner can select any one of these three remedies and practice it to get supernatural protection from all kinds of black magic and voodoo spells, including Vashikaran and Jaran-Maran Prayog.
Hindu Jadu Tona Removal Upay

1] Wear a Lohe Ya Tambe Ki Anghuti or Iron or Copper Ring in the Ring Finger or Anamika Ungli of any of the hands or the Fourth Toe of any of the feet.

2] Wear a Copper or Iron Charm of the Moon or Sun around the neck.

3] Make a hole in a Reetha Fruit, called Indian soapberry or washnut in English and insert a thread inside the hole and wear it as a black magic repulsing charm around the neck.

Notes: These remedies should be practiced with faith and confidence and even though, I have stated that there is no religious ritual involved, the practitioner can remember his Ishta Devta or Favoured Deity while wearing the charm on his or her body. If the practitioner desires, he can chant the Mantra of his Ishta Devta 7, 11, or 21 times before wearing the charm.

You can see many such remedies in the Exorcism Mantras and Rituals Section and other sections of this site.


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