Healing Mantras Using Water to Heal Piles and Joint Pain

In this post, I have written about two very effective Healing Mantra Experiments Using Water to Heal piles, fistula, fissure, and joint pain, arthritis, disorders related to the nerves, and pain due to flatulence and obesity.

At the very outset, I would like to mention that these Healing Mantra Experiments are based upon authentic and reliable Texts on Hindu Mantra Vidya. However, if any person wishes to practice them he or she can do so along with their medicines and medical treatment.

I had written about these Healing Mantra Experiments in the past. But, in this article, I have simplified the procedure and based it upon the real-life experiences of people who have actually practiced these Paranormal Indian Healing Remedies and gained the desired results. 

Another good thing about these simple but most powerful and fast working Healing Mantra Experiments is that apart from yourselves they can also be practiced on other persons who are suffering from these diseases and disorders.
Healing Mantras Using Witter to Heal Piles and Bone Pain

Healing Mantra Experiment for Piles, Fistula and Fissures and Bloody Hemorrhoids:

1] The Mantra Experiment can be commenced on any day in the morning and there are no rituals or worship prescribed for practicing this Healing Mantra Remedy.

2] The practitioner should take a small amount of clean drinking water in a small utensil and hold the utensil in his right hand and chant the first Healing Mantra given below 21 times and then chant the second Healing Mantra 21 times and then consume this Healing Mantra Infused Water or if he is doing the experiment to cure any other patient, then he should give the water to that patient to drink.

ॐ गुं गुह्येश्वरी भ्याम् नमः ||
Om Gum Guhyeshvari Bhyam Namah ||

ॐ महिषवाहिनी भ्याम् नमः ||
Om Mahishavahini Bhyam Namah ||

3] This Healing Mantra Prayog can be practiced daily until the practitioner is satisfied with the results.

Note: The Hindi language video of this Healing Mantra Experiment can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Bawaseer, Bhagandar Se Mukti Pane Ka Mantra Upay

Healing Mantra Experiment for relief from Joints Pain, Arthritis, Pain and Disorders of the Nerves, Pain due to Excess Fat and any other disease or disorders related to the Bones:

ॐ चिं चित्रघण्टा भ्याम् नमः ||
Om Chim Chitraghanta Bhyaam Namah ||

ॐ पां पार्वतीभ्याम् नमः ||
Om Paam Parvatibhyaam Namah ||

The procedure of practicing this Healing By Water Mantra Experiment is the same as the one given for the first Healing Mantra Experiment.

The Hindi language video of this Joints and Bone Diseases Healing Mantra Remedy can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Manspeshiyon, Jodo Ka Dard Aur Gathiya- Arthritis Se Mukti Pane Ka Mantra Upay

The practitioner can practice both these Mantra Experiments simultaneously if he or she is suffering from both these health issues.

Notes; See the sections on Healing Mantras, Healing Yantras and Charms, and Supernatural Health Remedies for more such useful and beneficial Healing Remedies.


  1. Is there any mantra to remove obstacles, curse and evil eyes sprite?

    1. Hi there Ruchi sen.i realize that your question is posed to Neel sir,the creator of this site but Neel sir himself had suggested that readers help out each other through comments.
      About what you asked Ruchi sen,if u go through all the articles in prophet666 site on mantras and tantras and remedies,many are there to remove obstacles,curses and the evil eyey that youjyou mentioned about.you need to look at it all before you decide on the mantra or remedy or tantra that you want to follow.
      Take care Ruchi sen.

  2. how much day it will take to cure


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