Shabar Healing Mantra Using Oil to Heal Sprains and Pain

In this post, I have described a Shabar Mantra Using Mustard Oil or Sarson Ka Tel to quickly Heal Sprains, Pain and Wounds. This is a Siddh Shabar Healing Mantra, which does not have to be Mastered in order to use it for getting relief from painful wounds and sprain.

The procedure of using this Healing Mantra Experiment is given below.

1] The Healing Experiment can be practiced whenever there is a need to get relief from the painful physical conditions mentioned above.

2] The practitioner has to take small quantity of Mustard Oil in a Katora or a small cup and infuse the oil by keeping the Katora in front of himself and chanting the Healing Mantra, just 7 times while looking at the oil in the Katora. 

Shabar Mantra Using Oil to Quickly Heal Sprains and Pain

कारी गाय के दूध के मोल, बांस के पोंगरा से निकलिस चोर | चिल्लके, चालके, ललके, लालके, लचक के हाड़ जामें | सत के होबे महादेव, तो रचक के माढ जाबे |

Kaari Gaay Ke Doodh Ke Mol, Baans Ke Pongaraa Se Nikalis Chor | Chillake, Chaalake, Lalake,  Laalake, Lachak Ke Haad Jamem | Sat Ke Hobe Mahadev, To Rachak Ke Maadh Jaabe |

3] Then, he has to apply the Sarson Ka Tel on the paining body part and lightly massage that part.

4] This, Healing Mantra Experiment can be repeated if the need is felt after regular intervals until relief is finally gained.

The wordings of this Shabar Mantra might appear to be strange and unusual to many people, but as pointed out in earlier posts, this is how they were composed by Sages and Yogis, including the Navnath Saints. Their primary objective was to make paranormal remedies available to common people who could not speak Sanskrit and hence, these Mantras were composed in local dialects. 

Another Shabar Mantra to Healing Sprains can be seen here - Sprains and Pain Healing Mantra 

Notes- The Hindi language video of this Healing Mantra Remedy can be seen on our YouTube Channel.

Information about this Shabar Healing Mantra has been given only for the purpose of giving information about rare and ancient Indian Paranormal Healing Remedies.

See the sections on Healing Mantras, Healing Yantras and Charms and Paranormal Healing Remedies for more such unique healing remedies.


  1. Sir, please post any Muslim mantra to increase attraction power. Please

  2. Is it pronounced h(oh)b or h(oh)bay also jaab or jaab(ay)?

    1. Hoo-be and Jaa-be see the hindi language version for correct pronunciations.

  3. Neelji, my mother is advised seasme oil massage therapy for her joints pain. Can I infuse that oil instead of mustard oil with the same mantra? Please I await your reply on

    1. Neelji, Thanks for replying. You have used the word along with in your reply. You mean mustard oil has to be used with seasme oil or mustard oil can be replaced with seasme oil? Please make it more clear.

    2. You can use sesame oil instead of mustard oil.

  4. Dear neel guru ji

    Thanks for the mantra

    Please advise
    can we use it on paralysis patient? For hand and leg movement

    1. Yes, you could try that along with the regular medication that you are giving your patient.


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