Beneficial Vishnu Mantras to Remove Enemies and Diseases

In this post, I have written about 2 most powerful and effective Vishnu Mantras to remove enemies and diseases. The chanting of these small 3 words Mantras will give the same results as long and difficult to chant Mantras for the same purposes.

Vishnu Mantra to remove or destroy more than one or many enemies at the same time.
If the practitioner apprehends danger and harm from multiple or many enemies at the same time, he can chant the Vishnu Mantra given below for 5-10 minutes daily in the morning or at night or both times. 

ॐ विश्वक्सेनाय नमः ||
Om Vishvaksenaya Namah ||

Meaning of the Mantra in Hindi and English: I Salute Lord Vishnu Who Attacks the Armies of Evil from All Directions / दुष्टों की सेना पर हर दिशा से आक्रमण करने वाले विष्णु भगवान को मेरा नमन।

About this Vishnu Mantra:
This Mantra is based upon Name Number – 125 - विश्वक्सेन Vishvaksena given in the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram.

As per some Puranas and ancients’ texts, Vishvaksena manifested from the body of Vishnu, wearing yellow colored clothes and holding a Shankha, Gadha, and the Sudarshan Chakra in his hands.

He is considered to be the Commander-in-Chief of Sarsenapati of the Army of Lord Vishnu and also the Dwarpal of Vaikuntha Loka, which is the abode of Lord Vishnu.

Kishkindha Naresh Sugriv is also said to be a manifestation of Vishvaksena because he was the Senapati of the Vanar Sena or Monkey Army, which fought for Shri Ram who is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu

The worship of the Vishvaksena Roop of Lord Vishnu is considered to be very beneficial for gaining divine protection from evil and harmful visible and invisible entities, including enemies. 

The Hindi language video of this Bhagwan Vishnu Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Sarva Dushmanon Ko Ek Sath Nasht Karne Ka Vishnu Mantra

Vishnu Mantra for relief from disease, ailments, and sickness:
The Vishnu Beej Mantra given below is very beneficial in fighting diseases, including incurable diseases.

The Mantra is also useful for the overall well-being of the practitioner because it gives protection and material benefits.

The practitioner can chant the Vishnu Mantra for 10-15 minutes daily or as many times as he wishes throughout the day and night.

ॐ हूं विष्णवे नम: ||
Om Hoom Vishnave Namah ||

Notes – The chanting of these Vishnu Mantras can be started on any day and there is no special Puja-Vidhi needed. The practitioner should do Smaran of Lord Vishnu before starting the Mantra Jaap and chant the Mantra with a calm and composed mind.

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  1. How many chants to Siddhi "om vishvaksenaya namah"

    1. The Mantra should be chanted for 10-15 minutes or 108 times daily, there is no Siddhi Sadhana for this Mantra.


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