Kali Kitab Remedies Using Kala Gulab for Shani Problems

In this, post I have written about 2 very rare paranormal remedies to get relief from the malefic effects of Saturn or Shani Graha, which make the use of Kala Gulab or Black Rose.

These paranormal remedies for resolving astrological problems relating to Shani, like Sade Sati, Dhaiya, Antar, and Mahadasha originate from the Kali Kitab or Black Book, which is a text on paranormal remedies in the Urdu Language.

There is also a Hindi version of the Kali Kitab, which contains all sorts of Paranormal Remedies or Tone, Totke and Upay, and Kala Jadu or Black Magic Experiments.

The 2 paranormal remedies for getting relief from Saturn related astrological issues are described below, the Kali Kitab does not prescribe any form of worship or any specific day or time for practicing any of the 2 remedies. Hence, it should be understood that these are standalone paranormal remedies.

Kali Kitab Remedies Using Kala Gulab for Shani Problems

The First Paranormal Remedy:
Keeping a Black Rose Plant in the house and watering it with clean water is sufficient to resolve any astrological problem connected to Saturn.

Second Paranormal Remedy:
Keeping a portion of the root of the Kala Gulab or wearing the Kala Gulab Flower on the body is enough to remove the malefic side effects of Saturn.

The portion of the root of the Kala Gulab Plant should be inserted in a cloth or metal locket and worn around the neck or upper or lower right hand.

Black Rose or Kala Gulab in Vastu Shastra:
Some practitioners of Vastu Shastra prescribe that the Kala Gulab, which is actually dark crimson in color should never be kept in the house in any form or worn on the body. Even keeping a photograph or image of the Kala Gulab is not considered to be auspicious.

In light of the conflicting views of the Kali Kitab and Vastu Shastra regarding the Black Rose, it is left entirely to the discretion of the reader whether to practice these paranormal remedies or not.

Notes- See the sections on Astrology Mantras, Astrology Yantras, and Hindu Astrology Remedies for all kinds of astrological solutions, including those related to Shani.

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