Secret Beej Mantras to Get Blessings of Brahma and Vishnu

In this post, I have written about 2 very rare, effective, and most powerful Secret or Gupt Beej Mantras to get the blessings of the Creator Brahma Dev and the Preserver Lord Vishnu.

These are very powerful Beej Mantra and the benefits of appeasing Brahma Dev and Vishnu Bhagwan are immense and the practitioner gets every kind of material and spiritual benefit if he succeeds in appeasing any one or both these Most Powerful Gods.

All the problems faced by the practitioner are automatically resolved, enemies and diseases are eradicated, there is an immense gain of knowledge, wealth, and prosperity and the practitioner gets peace of mind and liberation. 

Secret Beej Mantras to Get Blessings of Brahma and Vishnu

The Vidhi or procedure of chanting both these Beej Mantras is the same.

1] The Mantra Chanting can be started on any day and there is no need to perform any kind of elaborate Puja-Vidhi.

2] There are no specified rules, like Disha, Aasan, or Mala and the practitioner has to chant the Mantra 6000 times.

If it is not possible to complete the Mantra Chanting in one day, then, the practitioner can chant the Mantra for a fixed number of Mantra Chants daily to conclude the Mantra Experiment in as few days as possible.

3] After completing the Mantra Prayog, the practitioner can continue chanting the selected Mantra or both the Mantra for 1 Mala per day.

Mantra to get the blessings of Brahma Dev:

यं भं भं छं लं ||
Yam Bham 
 Bham Chham Lam ||

Mantra to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu:

ॐ ढं णं तं दं नं पं फं ||
ॐ Dham Nam Tam Dam Nam Pam Pham ||

The Hindi language videos of both these Mantras can be seen on our YouTube Channel -

Brahma Dev Ko Khush Karne Ka Gupt Beej Mantra

Vishnu Bhagwan Ko Prasanna Karne Ka Gupt Beej Mantra

Note- It is not necessary to chant both these Beej Mantras, the practitioner can chant any one of them or both, depending upon his or her wishes.

These are Most Powerful Beej Mantras and hence success primarily depends upon the intensity with which the Mantra is chanted by the practitioner.


  1. Hello Neeljie. Can u give us some easy sammohan / mohan sadhana's wich we can easily preform outside India? Thank

  2. Guruji kindly post Adhi Parashakti Beej Mantra.

  3. Namaskaar Guruji. Please clarify whether Om is no need to add before first mantra.

    1. There is no need, the Mantra should be chanted as given in the post.

  4. Please give mantra for evil eye


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