Vishnu and Tripura Sundari Mantras to Fulfill Any Wish

In this post, I have given two very simple yet effective and fast working wishes and desire fulfilling Mantras of the Dus Mahavidya Goddess Tripura Sundari and Lord Vishnu. Chanting anyone of these two Mantras will fulfill the dreams and fantasies of the practitioner.

Both these Mantra are extremely powerful and capable of generating tremendous positive energy that can make anything possible and fulfill even the most difficult wishes and aspirations. Hence, the practitioner should be very careful about the nature of his dream or fantasy.

The procedure of practicing both the Mantras is similar and the uncomplicated procedure is given below:

1] The Mantra Chanting can be commenced on any day and if the practitioner desires he can commence it on any auspicious day, like a Hindu Festival, Shubh Yog, Tithi, or Muhurat.

2] The practitioner should chant the Mantra after his morning bath or before going to sleep at night for about 5 minutes or if he wants to chant the Mantra for a fixed number of days, he can take a pledge and start the Mantra Chanting.
Wish and Dreams Fulfilling Mantras

Tripura Sundari Mantra:
 The Mantra given below is considered to be one of the Mool Mantras of the Devi who is also called Mahatripura Sundari or the Goddess of the Three Worlds of The Queen of the Universe.

ॐ श्री मात्रे नमः ||
Om Shree Matre Namah ||

Note: The Hindi language video of this wish and desires fulfilling Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Man Me Basi Manokamana Ki Purti Karne Ka Devi Mantra

Lord Vishnu Mantra: This Mantra is based upon Name Number 617 - शतानन्द Shatananda of Lord Vishnu that can be found in the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama or the One Thousand Names of Shri Vishnu.

ॐ शतानन्दाय नमः ||
Om Shatanandaaya Namah ||

The Meaning of this Shri Vishnu Mantra: I Salute Lord Vishnu who is infinite joy and every kind of happiness.

Note: The Hindi language video of this Lord Shri Vishnu Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Dil Me Base Sapne Pure Karne Ka Shri Vishnu Mantra

3] There is no need to chant both the Mantras and the practitioner can select any one of them and start chanting it with faith and belief. However, it is advisable to not keep thinking about the wish or fantasy, while chanting the Mantra because that will divert the attention of the practitioner from the Mantra.


  1. Pranam,

    Should we pray for one wish at a time while chanting Om Sri Matre Namaha or we can pray for all wishes at the same time? Or does this mantra fulfills all wishes even without asking? Please answer. Thanks Guruji

  2. Should our wish be expressed mentally or verbally after the chanting, or it can be fulfilled even without asking for it? Please do reply. Thanks a million Sir.

    1. Express the wish briefly only once mentally before starting the Mantra Chanting.

    2. What about taking a Sankalpa before the chanting? I know it needs to be done only once on the first day. Or, the method you mentioned above is actually a simple Sankalpa without holding water in our hand? Thanks again.

    3. The Sankalp can be taken on the first day, if you want to chant the mantra for a fixed number of days. it can be done without water by just promising to yourself that you will chant the mantra for the specified number of days.

    4. So the Sankalp has to be done only once, but uttering our wish mentally has to be repeated every day, correct? Which one can be the best way for our wish to be expressed and fulfilled? Please do reply just once again, Sir.

    5. The Sankalp should be done just once before starting the Mantra Chanting, there is no need to utter it mentally everyday.

    6. So you are suggesting Sankalp is a better way than uttering it mentally, right? I am making a choice between the two.


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