Tripura Sundari Beej Mantra for Everything

In this post, I have written about a small but most powerful three words Beej or Mool Mantra of the Duh Mahavidya Goddess Tripura Sundari, also addressed by various other names, including Bala and Shodashi Tripura Sundari, Lalita Devi, Rajarajeshwari.

Chanting this Beej Mantra of the Goddess gives the true devotee everything in life, including material wealth, love, peace, and all kinds of supernatural and divine powers because the Beej Mantra also triggers-off the upward flow of the Kundalini Shakti and enables it to penetrate and move out of the Crown or Sahasrara Chakra, which is located on the crown at the top of the head and connect with the higher consciousness in the atmosphere.

Unimaginable Pure Beauty, Bliss, Peace, and Happiness is true the nature of the Ever-Existent Universal Being and many advanced Siddh Sadhaks, including the greatest exponent of Non-Dualism or Advaita Vedanta Adi Shankara, experienced the true nature of Adi Shakti, which he has described in the Tripura Sundari Ashtakam and some other divine compositions.

Hence, meditating upon the Pure Love and Beauty Form or Aspect of the Divine Mother gives the practitioner everything in life even without asking for it. The Beej Mantra given in this post is a very effective vehicle to connect with this aspect of the Adi Shakti because it has the capacity to generative immense Satvik of Pure Energy, which instantly eradicates all negative and dull energy from his mind, aura, and body.

The simple procedure of chanting the Beej Mantra of Tripura Sundari is given below:
1] The Mantra chanting can be started on any day and there is no specific Puja-Vidhi or any other rules, like Disha, Aasan and Mala needed to chant this Beej Mantra.

2] The practitioner should sit down comfortably and try to remove all thoughts from his mind and chant the Beej Mantra as much as he likes or until he does not experience any discomfort. It is advisable to chant the Mantra at approximately the same time every day.
Beej Mantra for Everything

3] While chanting the Mantra, the practitioner should not keep asking the Goddess to fulfill his wishes or keep pleading for anything. This makes the practitioner lose his focus and concentration on the Mantra.

Notes: The Hindi language video of this Beej Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Prophet666: Asambhav Ko Bhi Sambhav Karne Ka Tripura Sundari Mantra

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  1. Neel the south part of india,when it comes to mantras of any kind,be it big or small,the practitioners often say and insist upon others the need to do a so called curse removal mantra to remove so called curses on any it so among practitioners of mantras in the north.
    Neel sir I have read many of your articles but I have never come across any article of yours that says that mantra curses are there and it should be removed by using specific mantras that can remove these curses.sir these curses according to the practitioners of mantra in the south are curses given by the munis or devas that had created or given the mantras,in order to safeguard the mantra and it's capacity,from being used for bad effects.
    Sir is it all true or it all lies in how we look at things.please do guide Neel sir.
    In fact sir,for the above bala Sundari mantra,according to mantra practitioners in south,the bala Sundari mantra would work once the curses are removed by using the curse removal mantras.

    1. Neel sir..please do guide about my above question.thank you sir

    2. As per available information, the Bala Tripura Mantra curse was removed by the cursing sage himself by changing the Beej Treem to Streem.
      Those who fail to get success in many Mantra Sadhanas say that the Mantra is Shapit or cursed, however, it is likely that the failure is due to a hidden key that unlocks these Mantras.

    3. Thank you Neel sir for guiding.


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