Muslim Amal to Increase Trade and Business

In this post, I have written about a simple but effective Amal Prayog to get success in any kind of trade or business. This Amal is very suitable for those people who are not getting success even after putting in their best efforts.

An Amal is similar to a Mantra and hence this Amal Prayog can be compared to a Vyapaar Vriddhi Mantra or a Mantra to increase trade and business.

I have written about this Amal Prayog because it is very simple and easy to practice and there is no special prayer or Tantra involved in practicing this Amal Prayog and hence it can be practiced by anyone, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

The Vidhi or procedure of practicing the Amal Prayog to Increase Trade and Business is given below:

1] The Amal Prayog can be started on any day in the morning and the practitioner should chant the Amal shown in the image 777 times before starting his business.
Muslim Amal for Money and Wealth
2] The practitioner can use any kind of counting rosary to count the number of chants.

3] This is all that has to be done for practicing this Amal Prayog and according to the Tantra as long as the practitioner practices this Vyapaar Vriddhi Amal Prayog his business will flourish and keep growing and become more profitable and he will become a very rich and wealthy person.

Another simple but very beneficial Amal Experiment that is specific to the food-grains or Anaj Business has been described below. 

The Vidhi of practicing the Amal Prayog for Success in Food Grains Business:

1] The practitioner should chant the Amal shown in the image 100 times for prospering and setting money in any business related to food grains.

Amal Prayog for Food-Grains Business
2] Like, the First Amal Experiment there is no worship or ritual needed for the practice of this paranormal experiment.

Notes: Many Muslim Mantra, Amal, and Wazifa can be seen in the section on Muslim Mantras and Tantra

You can also see Hindi version videos of most of these Mantras and remedies on our YouTube Channel.


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