Vishnu and Shiva Mantras to Punish or Destroy Enemies

In this post, I have written about two most powerful 3 words Mantras of Shiva and Vishnu to destroy enemies or to teach them a lesson by punishing them. These small Mantras have the capacity to generate immense energy if chanted with willpower and intensity.

Being small and easy to chant enemy destruction Mantras, they are most suitable for laypersons or those people who do not have the time to practice lengthier Mantra Sadhanas.

Fearsome or Ugra Shiva Mantra to destroy enemies:

This enemy destruction Mantra is dedicated to the Ugra or Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva and it should only be used to protect your life or the life of your loved one from cruel and dangerous enemies or unjust people.

How to chant this Lord Shiva Mantra to annihilate enemies:

1] The Mantra Experiment can be practiced whenever the practitioner is in dire need to protect himself or his family from his enemies.

2] The practitioner should remember the enemies/enemy and chant the Mantra for 5-10 minutes.

ॐ उग्राय नमः ||

Om Ugraya Namah ||

The meaning of this Shiva Mantra in Hindi and English: शिवजी के अत्यंत उग्र अवतार को मेरा नमन। / I Salute the Most Fearsome Avatar of Lord Shiva.

The Hindi language video of this Ugra Shiva Mantra can be seen on your YouTube Channel: Shatru Nashak Ugra Shiva Mantra
Mantras to Punish or Destroy Enemies

Vishnu Mantra to teach a lesson to your enemies:

This Vishnu Mantra is effective in humiliating enemies and punishing them to teach them a lesson. 

The Vishnu Mantra should only be practiced if an enemy, foe, or any other dangerous person is unnecessarily harassing and creating problems for the practitioner or his near and dear ones.

How to chant this Vishnu Mantra to punish an enemy:

1] The Vishnu Mantra Experiment can be practiced on any day or whenever needed. The practitioner should take the name of the targeted enemies/enemy and chant the Mantra 21, 51 0r 108 times using any kind of counting rosary.

2] This is a one-time Enemy Destruction Mantra Experiment; hence, it should be practiced with concentration and intensity to get the desired success.

ॐ विनयाय नमः ||

Om Vinayaaya Namah ||

The meaning of this Vishnu Mantra in Hindi and English: I Salute Lord Vishnu who Dishonors Unjust Persons / दुष्ट लोगों को अपमानित करने वाले विष्णु भगवान को मेरा प्रणाम।

The Hindi language video of this Lord Vishnu Mantra to humiliate enemies can be seen on your YouTube Channel Prophet666: Shatru Ko Dand Dene Ka Vishnu Mantra

Notes: Mantras to destroy or punish enemies can be seen in the sections on Mantras and Tantra for Enemies and the sections on Vishnu Mantras and Tantra and Mantras and Prayer of Lord Shiva.


  1. Sir, what kind of mantra'ss are used that makes a person listen only to that one person who has done something. I often hear that someone has done something that only makes them listen/obey to them (Khila pila ke vash me kia hai / ya: wo sirf unhi ke baath sunta hai).

    I tried several vashikaran mantra's of prophet666 , but don't have that effect. So what kind of mantra's people are using?

  2. Goodmorning Sir. What problems can reciting the mantra Om Ugray Namaha cause beyond the recommended time (5-10 minutes)? Thank you

  3. Sir,

    I don't know the name of my enemies. How should I chant this mantra?

    Is this mantra needs to be chanted only once or I can chant it daily till the problem resolved.

    Please let me know this and oblige me there by.



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