Write These 9 Numbers on Paper to Fulfill a Wish

In this post, I have written about a 9 numbers wish or desire fulfilling Yantra Experiment in which the practitioner must only write these magical numbers in the given sequence on a piece of paper and keep the paper in his purse or pocket to fulfill his wish.

This is one of the simpler paranormal remedies written by me over the past many years for the fulfillment of wishes and desires or for getting success in any important work or task which will give the desired results fast if the practitioner practices the remedy with self-belief and confidence.

This is a standalone numerical charm that is free from any kind of worship or ritual, and it can be practiced on any day to fulfill any wish or get success in anything, like success in a job interview or any other meeting connected to the job or business, success in any venture connected to money, wealth,  property or finance, success in any meeting related to a marriage proposal, wishes related to the removal of diseases or enemies.

The practitioner can follow the simple method given below to make and use the wish-fulfilling charm:

1] The numerical Yantra shown in the image should be prepared on white paper using a red ink pen. The numbers can be written in any language, including the spoken language or mother tongue of the practitioner.
Yantra to fulfil a wish

2] Then, the practitioner should remember the wish or purpose for which he has prepared the Yantra, and then it should be folded and placed in the purse or pocket.

3] After the wish is fulfilled the Yantra can be immersed in water or kept in a clean place in the house.

4] However, the practitioner should not use this magical charm for unimportant or trivial purposes or just for fun or to see what happens because this will reduce its power and it will not work effectively when practiced again for important purposes.

Note: The Hindi language video of this wish and desire fulfilling remedy can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Manokamna Puri Karne Ka Chamatkari Nau Anko Ka Yantra


  1. If I am using it for business purposes, can I use it forever or after what months can I renew it ?

    1. You can use it until your purpose or wish is fulfilled.

    2. it doesnt work what time line do you think it takes it works.Few thinks need clarity red ink means proper red ink or ball pen can also work and do we have to make squares with scale or hand in your vedio if u can show it would be great

  2. Only 1 wish at a time??
    Can we try multiple wishes?

  3. Namaste Prabhu ji🙏.
    Please my wife is a hairdresser and she is not getting customers.
    Please can I do it and place it in her shop?

    1. Yes, it will attract costumers into the shop.

  4. Can you throw the paper away after the wish is granted? Or do you have to keep it forever? Also, for a new seperate wish, do I rewrite the yantra and make another one?


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