Magical Yantra for Luck and Success

A Magical Yantra for gain of every kind of success, good luck and fortune had been described in this post. This Magic Yantra containing the Hreem Beej – ह्रीं बीज is used in a specific Tantra for gaining the benefits that have been mentioned above.

This Hreem Beej Yantra is also used for more than one purposes and some of them have been described earlier on this site.

Even though, Hreem is the Beej Mantra of the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, it is effectively used in this Tantrik Experiment for gaining every kind of success. This experiment is suitable for both advanced Sadhaks and Lay-persons who want more in life.

Bhuvaneshwari Devi is the fourth of the Dus Mahavidya Goddesses and has also been addressed as the Mahamaya or the Creator of the Universe and the Creation that is contained in the Universe.

Magical Yantra for Good Luck and Success of All Kinds

The Vidhi of practicing this Hreem Beej Yantra Experiment for Gain of Good Luck and All Round Success has been described below.

1] The Yantra has to be drawn on a white piece of paper or a Bhojpatra using a mixture of Gorochana and Kum Kum as the ink and a pointed wooden or metal stick as the pen.

The name of the user of this Hreem Beej Yantra should be written in the center of the Yantra in place of the word - नाम

2] Then, after the Yantra dried up, it should be kept immersed in a small container or utensil filled with wine or any kind of liquor.

3] The Yantra should be removed from the wine on the morning of the next day and kept on a wooden board and worshiped by lighting Dhoop and Diya before it.

4] Then, after the Yantra has dried up, it can be placed in a cloth or metal locket and worn around the neck or the right hand on the wrist or upper arm.

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  1. What are the repercussions of someone doing black magic to kill or harm someone? I know someone who did to kill my mother and me for property.. please guide.

  2. hi miss shalini.i am just an avid reader of mr.neels blogs or about what u wrote and i felt so bad to know about it.people can indeed be very very cruel.i do not know of any remedy but i really do hope and pray that you and your mother would come safely out of such problems.but 3 simple remedy that i know of and which u both can do daily is this,either until u get help,which is daily take a salt bath and it can be either rock salt or real sea salt or Himalaya salt.just dissolve it in water and use that water to take a bath daily and while taking such a bath beleive and trust that all evil would leave u.another thing is that u can use lighted camphor to make a clock wise rotation on yourself.thirdly mop your whole house and front and back verandahs with the above salt would be a bit sticky once it dries but do it daily or alternate days.these simple remedies can be done as a daily thing.i do not know of what others particularly people with knowledge about spiritual disturbances would say about the above remedies but i think it would somehow help u and your mother.i really hope and pray that u would soon get not delay in getting help for the more u delay the more stronger such things would be.really really sorry to hear about such events in your life and i really hope that mr neel can suggest some real good remedies or at least refer u to masters of the occult who can really help and i believe that mr neel knows of such capable masters.Ravi,Malaysia.


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