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Magical Yantra for Luck and Success

A Magical Yantra for gain of every kind of success, good luck and fortune had been described in this post. This Magic Yantra containing the Hreem Beej – ह्रीं बीज is used in a specific Tantra for gaining the benefits that have been mentioned above.

This Hreem Beej Yantra is also used for more than one purposes and some of them have been described earlier on this site.

Even though, Hreem is the Beej Mantra of the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, it is effectively used in this Tantrik Experiment for gaining every kind of success. This experiment is suitable for both advanced Sadhaks and Lay-persons who want more in life.

Bhuvaneshwari Devi is the fourth of the Dus Mahavidya Goddesses and has also been addressed as the Mahamaya or the Creator of the Universe and the Creation that is contained in the Universe.

Magical Yantra for Good Luck and Success of All Kinds

The Vidhi of practicing this Hreem Beej Yantra Experiment for Gain of Good Luck and All Round Success has been described below.

1] The Yantra has to be drawn on a white piece of paper or a Bhojpatra using a mixture of Gorochana and Kum Kum as the ink and a pointed wooden or metal stick as the pen.

The name of the user of this Hreem Beej Yantra should be written in the center of the Yantra in place of the word - नाम

2] Then, after the Yantra dried up, it should be kept immersed in a small container or utensil filled with wine or any kind of liquor.

3] The Yantra should be removed from the wine on the morning of the next day and kept on a wooden board and worshiped by lighting Dhoop and Diya before it.

4] Then, after the Yantra has dried up, it can be placed in a cloth or metal locket and worn around the neck or the right hand on the wrist or upper arm.

Note- A large selection of Yantras, Charms and Talismans for gain of money, success, good luck and fortune and other purposes related to progress in job and business can be seen in the section on Yantras for Money and Wealth
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  1. What are the repercussions of someone doing black magic to kill or harm someone? I know someone who did to kill my mother and me for property.. please guide.

  2. hi miss shalini.i am just an avid reader of mr.neels blogs or about what u wrote and i felt so bad to know about it.people can indeed be very very cruel.i do not know of any remedy but i really do hope and pray that you and your mother would come safely out of such problems.but 3 simple remedy that i know of and which u both can do daily is this,either until u get help,which is daily take a salt bath and it can be either rock salt or real sea salt or Himalaya salt.just dissolve it in water and use that water to take a bath daily and while taking such a bath beleive and trust that all evil would leave u.another thing is that u can use lighted camphor to make a clock wise rotation on yourself.thirdly mop your whole house and front and back verandahs with the above salt would be a bit sticky once it dries but do it daily or alternate days.these simple remedies can be done as a daily thing.i do not know of what others particularly people with knowledge about spiritual disturbances would say about the above remedies but i think it would somehow help u and your mother.i really hope and pray that u would soon get not delay in getting help for the more u delay the more stronger such things would be.really really sorry to hear about such events in your life and i really hope that mr neel can suggest some real good remedies or at least refer u to masters of the occult who can really help and i believe that mr neel knows of such capable masters.Ravi,Malaysia.

    1. my mother is safe and I have done what you told me...But what karma is my brother accumulating? We know its done by my brother and his wife for property.. What he has done will it not affect him?

  3. Hi ms.shalini.i know that your question is addressed to neel sir,but i am still very keen to answer it acc to what i know.yes your brother and his wife would certainly one day go through pay back time,meaning they have to suffer for their deeds.its just that for some people karma or nature gives fast punishment or at times it might take years before they r punished or suffer.but their punishment or suffering would be more if u and your mother had never agitated them or used politics or power or evil against them in any way,meaning u and your mother were silent victims of your brother,then certainly your brother and his wife would long as u have a job or a source of income whereby u can take care of yourself and your mother then u should forget about the things done by your brother and go on with your life's,for nature would give him his dues.i have seen it a few times in peoples ms.shalini stay strong and have a good relationship with your mum and try to help a suffering human or animal or even an insect in any small way that u can and try to stay away from bad politics either at work or with friends or the salt bath and camphor rotation regularly for it would always help to strengthen our auras.also read a lot of good stuff.but certainly your brother and hid wife would face the consequences one day ms.shalini.just stop thinking about them and start concentrating on your the end i know this too,its easier said then being done.hope that u and your mother would always be happy.take care ms.shalini and forgive me for giving my views.hope neel sir would forgive me too.he must be a man with a lot of peace and love in him,why so,because he is giving us all these knowledge for free.thank you

  4. Hi ms.shalini.please know that karma or nature would certainly give your brother and his wife a hard time,but when,that's a mystery and whether they would realize about their mistake after karmas pay back time is another question,for many due to their own egos,finds it difficult to either change or repent,even after severe pay back time that karma or nature had given would be better if u can forget about them and mind your own life and by u doing so their suffering would be more and i had seen these long as u have a job or a source of income then consider yourself as lucky for many out there don't even have jobs.create a better life for yourself and your mum.take care.

    1. Thank you for replying.

      Me and my parents have always forgiven for the wrong done by my brother. Probably thats what we did wrong. We supported him, especially my mother. We have not indulged in playing politics. The fact being he and his wife even physically hit me and my mother, we still forgave them as they have a small child. But we now no longer can stand any wrong or illegal things happening. I will never supported my brother when he did wrong only prayed that God show him the right way. As for his wife, this is her 3rd marriage. That woman is pure evil, she will stoop to any low for money...the less I speak about her the better. My brother is no less. Yes I have a job and do everything to help my mother and others in my family. I always do my best to help a stranger. I consider it the biggest blessing to look after my mother...she is old and handicap. To help someone deserving is the biggest blessing. To help someone with no expectations is the biggest blessing. Thank you for replying and guiding me.

  5. Neel sir, this yantra after dipping it in wine or alcohol will wash away the ink. And the bhojpatra will get blank or meshed up. Please clarify my dout.

    1. That is all right, it does not matter if the ink is washed away.

    2. Sir Neel, appreciate the information you share through the website. I will appreciate if you can reply my question. What kind of karma does one attract if he uses to black magic to kill his mother and sister for money and property?

    3. If he feels guilty, then his mind is attracting bad karma, if he does not feel anything then it is difficult to say what kind of karma he will attract.

    4. Thank you sir for replying. If he feels guilty why will he attract bad karma? Rather if he does not feel guilty, will he not attract bad karma? I am confused sir.

    5. It is very simple, if he does not feel guilty he will not think about it and feel guilty and suffer.

  6. Neel Sir, What to do with the wine after the procedure? thank you.

  7. neel sir..i just read your comment and answer given to miss.shalinis answer from you is indeed similar to an answer coming from a real advanced neel sir,does it mean that there is no pay back time from nature or karma or god over what a bad person or even a society or a country that had killed or decimated or destroyed thousands and millions of others all in the name of religion and power and politics or so on and these killers and murderers and cheaters and so on can go on leading their life without them experiencing any kind of severe repercussions even later in their life's given out by karma or nature or god,just because they don't have any guilt in would karma or nature or god would be silent and dare not teach these monsters a lesson because they don't feel guilty about it and nature or karma or god would only punish someone who feels guilty about it?neel sir,i might have misunderstood your answer,so please do correct me if its so..however if it is really so,then to my view and very very limited knowledge,then this answer of yours can indeed uproot the whole concept of Sanatana dharma.for Santana dharma,from what i know,the main concept of it is this..u do good,u get good and u do bad,u get bad.concept of neel sir in total it means only this..if i don't feel guilty about kiiling or slaughtering a human being or even an animal for fun or for sadistic reasons,then i don't have to fear at all about gods or natures pay back time or punishment and indeed god or nature won't punish me.neel sir,i really do hope that u would be able to correct me if i had wrongly interpreted your answer.but neel sir,again,a reply or an answer back from you is like an answer from a great guru,not just a great guru,also an unbiased guru.thank you sir.

    1. The person who wishes to use black magic to kill someone and thinks about the Karma even before using black magic should not use these fearsome methods because he will surely suffer from psychological problems even before Karma catches up with him.

      There is indeed a payback time in nature, but it is very complicated and the working of Karma is not as simple as it is made out to be.

  8. Neel sir..thank you so much for answering and clarifying.

  9. Neel sir..the above yantra for luck and success,I realize that you had provided the details as to how to do it but sir,would it be okay and would it work if we use red ink to draw the yantra on a white paper,get it laminated and keep it in our wallet or purse,without following the ritual where the yantra has to be kept in liquor.
    Would the yantra work sir if so.
    I am sorry sir for asking so but please do guide and answer sir.

    1. For this Yantra Experiment the procedure detailed in the post will work. Hence, do not attempt any other methods.

    2. Thank you so much Neel sir for answering and guiding.

  10. Neel Sir,
    For this Yantra which colour thread should we use for the tabiz/locket? Please reply Sir


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