Muslim Exorcism Talisman and Ritual

A Muslim exorcism talisman and ritual for exorcising a possessed person of ghosts, spirits and other unseen ghostly beings, energies and entities has been described in this post. The exorcism technique used in this Tantra is most simple and it can easily be put into actual practice by anyone.

The method of making and using this Islamic exorcism talisman and ritual is given below.

1] The numerical talisman or Yantra, which is written in Urdu numbers can be prepared on a Bhojpatra or white piece of paper using Kesar or Saffron water as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.

Islamic Exorcism Talisman and Ritual to Remove Ghosts and Spirits

The Urdu numbers are given below along with the English and Hindi numbers, the practitioner can replace the Urdu numbers with numbers from any other language.

١ – 1- १
٣ – 3 - ३
٢ – 2 - २

2] The Yantra should then be kept on the body of the possessed person.

4] Then, the practitioner should take a small metal utensil and light 2-3 Kapur or Camphor Tablet inside it and add 4-5 cloves to the fire.

5] The utensil should be kept before the possessed person and when he gets the smell of the burning cloves, the entities that have possessed him will leave his body or surroundings and go away.

Notes- As this is a numerical talisman, there is no need to worship any deity or chant any Mantra or Prayer.

This talisman is also useful in the removal of Buri Nazar or the evil-eye or malevolent gaze.

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