How to Remove Yakshinis and Apsaras from your Mind

Many of our readers regularly practice all kinds of Mantra Sadhanas for gaining Divine Powers and all kinds of Siddhis. Sometimes it so happens that while practicing a Mantra Sadhana, the practitioner succeeds in inadvertently or unintentionally attracting some other supernatural entity and does not know what is happening to him and what to do.

This happens even if the practitioner has taken all the precautions and followed the all the procedures correctly.

In this post, I have published “some parts” of a mail received from one of our readers who has accidentally attracted a supernatural being whose identity he is unaware off and does not know what to do.

How to Remove Yakshinis, Yoginis, Pishachinis and Apsaras from your Mind

" Respected Neel Sir,
I am a regular reader of your site  for the past several years, I have greatly benefited from the rare and valuable Mantra-Tantra that is regularly posted on your site.

I had done the Sadhanas of Nati Yakshini, Padmini Yakshini and also a special Sarva Yakshini Sadhana for invoking any Yakshini for getting her blessings and getting Divya Shakti and Siddhi.

I had done the Sadhana of Kaplini Yakshini for the sole aim of gaining Kapal Siddhi for traveling anywhere in the Brahmanda while sleeping.

However, I have succeeded in attracting a Yakshini and do not know anything about her. I am very much fearful and some times terrified in my sleep and also in the waking state and wish to remove the Shakti that has entered my aura. I am very much hopeful that you will address my concerns and help free me from this unknown energy that has entered my mind because when I try to remove it, my discomfort increases.”

The practitioner whose mail we are discussing has most probably involuntarily attracted some other Yakshini or female entity or even one of the Yakshinis that he was attempting to invoke. This is because very few people known about the real powers, functions or descriptions of these very powerful entities, including Yakshinis, Pishachinis, Yoginis and Apsaras.

In such cases, the simplest and best remedy for getting instant relief is not to suppress the energy or vibrations that the mind is experiencing but to follow the simple steps given below.

1] When you start experiencing the energy in your mind, close the eyes and mentally try to visualize the energy / thoughts / vibrations / being in your mind and as mentioned above not try to suppress it in any way.

2] Then, slowly imagine that the energy / being is leaving your mind and body through your breath.

3] Do not attempt any breathing exercises, including Yogic Breathing exercises. Let the breath flow on its own accord and imagine that the energy / thoughts that have gripped your mind are leaving it through your breath.

This simple technique will give immediate results, if they are practiced with self-confidence.

This technique, not only exorcises and purges the mind of unwanted energies, but it is also most useful in removing depression, anxiety, fear, phobia and other unwanted thoughts that are trying to capture your mind.

Note- See the sections on Yakshini Mantra and Tantra, Future Mantra and Tantra, Exorcism Mantras and Rituals and Articles on Indian Mantras for more details on this subject.


  1. जिस पाठक का पत्र प्रकाशित किया गया है ,उनका कहना है कि उन्होंने नटी यक्षिणी की साधना की ,पद्मिनी की भी साधना की और सर्व यक्षिणी साधना भी की .कपालिनी यक्षिणी की साधना का भी दावा कर रहे हैं .इससे यही निष्कर्ष निकलता है कि एक साधना असफल होने पर दूसरी की ,उसके असफल होने पर तीसरी की ,फिर उसके असफल होने के बाद चौथी साधना की .अब कहते हैं कि एक यक्षिणी को आकर्षित करने में सफल हुए हैं .वास्तव में इनके अवचेतन में यक्षिणी को आकर्षित करने का भ्रम बैठ गया है .कोई यक्षिणी नहीं है ,केवल भ्रम है .अब मन लगाकर 'ॐ नमः शिवाय 'या 'ॐ नमो नारायणाय 'का जप करें .

  2. Can you also attract some unknown energy by chanting an Sarvajan vashikaran/sammohan mantras/yantra?

  3. Instead of adopting any strategy,you should attempt to win your fear.Either you control fear or fear controls a preliminary rule,there is no place for fear in any tantra,particularly in yogini and yakshini tantras.As these entities are none than maa Parvati,so you should consider this fact and start seeing the entity which you attracted as maa parvati.start worshipping your isht god's anger face rather than polite face.2-3 days,it will remove your phobia...tested

  4. Yah problm mere sath bhi aai thi..shree Ghatakarn mahaveer strot ke path se ab sab theek h. Jai ho shree Ghantakarn mahaveer bhagwan ki


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