Shri Ganesh Totka for Getting Married Quickly

A simple but effective Totka or paranormal for getting married quickly with the blessings of Shri Ganesha has been described in this post. This Totka is useful for devotees of Shri Ganesha who are finding it difficult to find a suitable match or those whose marriages are getting delayed due to some or the other problem, obstacle or unknown reason.

The Totka can also be practiced by those men and women who are experiencing breakups after getting engaged and those who are unable to get married to their lover due to social and cultural factors, like caste, language, region and economical backgrounds or due to family opposition.

This is a very simple paranormal remedy and even a lay-person can practice it without difficulty as it does not involve the chanting of any kind of Mantra or Prayer.

Shri Ganesh Totka for Removing Dely in Getting Married

This Totka dedicated to Ganesha for removing the obstacles that are preventing your marriage should be started on any Thursday.

1] The Totka has to be practiced for 21 days continuously, only women practicing this remedy can take a break during their monthly cycle and continue after the completion of the cycle.

2] The practitioner has to go to a Mandir of Ganesha and offer the following items to the Murti of Ganesha-
A bundle of 21 Durva
1 Red Colored Flower
1 Piece of Dalchini or Cinnamon in English

Then,  the practitioner should fold his or her hands and pray to Ganesha in his or her own words and seek his blessing for removing the delays, problems and obstacles that are delaying your marriage.

The Hindi language video of this Shri Ganesh Totka can be seen on our YouTube Channel -

Notes- Many such Totke, Mantras and Yantras for facilitating problem free marriages and removing all kinds of problems and difficulties that are preventing love or arranged marriages can be seen in the section on Marriage Mantras, Yantras and Remedies


  1. कात्यायनी मन्त्र --जिन कन्याओं के विवाह में विविध कारणों से बिलम्ब हो रहा हो ,उनके लिए कात्यायनी मन्त्र अचूक है .मन्त्र का स्रोत भागवतपुराण है .गोपियों ने भगवान् कृष्ण को पति रूप में पाने के लिए माँ कात्यायनी की पूजा की थी .मांगलिक दोष,ग्रह दोष आदि बाधाएं दूर करने में मन्त्र प्रभावशाली है .
    कन्या स्वयं दुर्गाजी की मूर्ति या चित्र के समक्ष २१ दिनों तक मन्त्र का रोज १०८ पाठ करे .पाठ के पूर्व दुर्गाजी का सामान्य पूजन (रोली,पुष्प,गंध,नैवेद्य,५ अगरबत्ती ,धूप.दीप से )करे .पाठ के बाद मन्त्र के अंत में स्वाहा लगाकर ग्यारह आहुतियां (घी शक्कर मिश्रित धूप से )दे .मन्त्र है--"कात्यायनी महामाये
    महा योगिन्य धीश्वरी ,नन्द गोप सुतं देवि ! पतिं में कुरुते नमः "

  2. Hello Sir, what time is best to perform this tokta..thank you..

    1. This Ganesh Totka can be done at anytime during the day.


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