Indian Talisman to Cure Migraine

A simple to make and use healing talisman for getting relief from migraine or half headache has been described in this post. This Indian healing talisman is an Yantra that vibrates to special frequency and helps in giving relief to people suffering from migraine.

This Yantra, which can also be classified as an Wazifa or Naksh can be prepared and used by following the procedure given below.

1] The Yantra shown in the image below can be prepared on any day on a white piece of paper using sandalwood paste as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.

Muslim Yantra to Cure Migraine

2] It should be placed on a wooden board and worshiped by lighting Guggal Dhoop or the resin from the bark of the Myrah or Indian Bedellium Tree which is used as incense in many Indian religious and paranormal rituals.

3] There are two methods of using it, the first method is to ties it with a thread on the forehead and the second method is to insert it in a cloth Tabeez and tie it on the wrist or the upper right arm.

Notes – Another Yantra for the same ailment, which makes the use of some most powerful Beej Aksharas can be seen here - Yantra for Getting Relief from Migraine

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