Muslim Brick and Grave Tantra to Punish Enemies

An Islamic Tantra to Finish Off Enemies, which makes the use of a numerical Yantra or Wazifa, a brick and a tomb or grave has been described in this post. This is an ancient Muslim Yantra Prayog for destroying enemies and getting rid of the problems, threats, dangers and harassment originating from them.

This is an Aghora or fearsome Tantra that can be a combination of Maran, Uchchatan and Videshan Karma and the end results will most probably depend upon the kind of punishment plus the sheer intensity with which the practitioner practises the Tantra.

The procedure of practicing this Muslim Shatru Vinashak Tantra has been described below.

1] The Totka can be practiced on any day because a standalone numerical Yantra is used for this experiment.

2] The Yantra / Wazifa that is shown in the image has to be written on a new and unused brick using a black pen. The name of the enemy should be written at the bottom of the Yantra.

Muslim Brick and Grave Tantra Wazifa to Punish Enemies

3] Then, it should be buried in an old Kabar or Makbara, which means an old grave.

4] Then, the practitioner should leave that place and while going back he should not glance back over his shoulders.

5] If there are more that one enemies, the practitioner has to write a separate Yantra for each enemy on separate bricks and they bury them. They can all be buried in the same grave.

6] This Shatru Nashak Tantra does not involve any form of worship.

The Hindi language video of this Islamic Enemy Destruction Yantra Experiment can be seen on our YouTube Channel -

Note- Solutions for all kinds of enemy related problems can be seen in the section on Enemy Mantras and Tantra and paranormal remedies originating from Islam can be seen in the section on Muslim Mantras and Tantra


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