Kshetrapal Worship and Mantras to Appease Him

Kshetrapal as described in an earlier post is the protective deity who guards a specific place or region from all kinds of dangers or even preventing the entry of malefic entities into that place. Many Sadhaks worship the Kshetrapal and chant a Mantra or prayer or even perform a ritual in order to appease the Kshetrapal for getting success in the Sadhana or Prayog.

The Kshetrapal is also sometimes described as the spirit or mystical being who has the responsibility of protecting a particular place, which might include a shrine, temple, village, town or even a mountain, farm or an any other specific area or location.

The word “Kshetra” is very broad term and it literally mean a place or territory and might include even countries, the world, the solar system and so on. Hence, it is also possible to apply the same logic to the area/ domain that is said to be guarded by a Kshetrapal.

Apart from Hinduism, the Kshetrapal Worship is widely practiced in the Jain Religion.

In this post, I have given 2 Mantras that are said to appease the Kshetrapal and get his blessings.

The Guardian or Propective Deity Kshetrapal

ॐ खं क्षेत्रपालाय नमः ||
Om Kham Kshetrapaalaaya Namah ||

This Mantra has to be chanted 125, 000 times in order to appease the Kshetrapal.

ॐ क्षां क्षीं क्षूं क्षौं क्षः क्षेत्रपालाय नमः ||
Om Kshaam Ksheem Kshoom Kshoum Kashah Kshetrapaalaaya Namah ||

This Mantra has to be chanted for 12 Mala or 1296 times, in the morning, afternoon and night for appeasing the Kshetrapal.

Notes – Both these Mantras for appeasing the Kshetrapal are broad Mantras that may be chanted to invoke and get the blessings of the Kshetrapal of any place.

These Mantras may or may not be a part of any special Mantra Sadhana or Prayog that needs the blessings of the Kshetrapal of that particular location.

Some people have identified the Kuldevta / Kuldevi or the family deity and the Ishta Devta or favored deity with the Kshetrapal. However, I do not subscribe to this view and in my opinion these are all different deities.


  1. जैन तंत्र शास्त्र में दिक्पाल (दिशाओं के रक्षक )और क्षेत्रपाल से सम्बंधित अनेक मन्त्र हैं .ये मन्त्र विविध कामनाओं की पूर्ति के लिए हैं .यथा-स्वप्न में फल जानने के लिए --"ॐ आ॰ क्रौं ह्रीं क्लीं ह्रौं क्षेत्रपालाय अस्मिन स्थाने आगच्छ आगच्छ मम चिंतित कार्य स्वप्ने कथय कथय ह्रौं वषट स्वाहा "(२१ बार जपें ).क्षेत्रपालो में
    मणिभद्र,विजय भद्र ,वीरभद्र,भैरव ,अपराजित ,खोडिया,आदि हैं .

  2. रात्रि में सोने के पूर्व जप कर लें .आ में अनुस्वार है याने बिंदी है .टाइपिंग में aam हिंदी में परिवर्तित करने पर ां हो रहा है .

  3. Satyanidhi aapne jo ye mantra diya hai uske detail me description de sakte ho aap kripa karke. Kis phal ke liye ye japa jata hai. Thanks in advance.

    1. इसके बारे में विस्तृत विवरण उपलब्ध नहीं है .मन में कोई चिंता हो और उसका शुभ अशुभ फल जानना हो ,तो मन्त्र का २१ बार जाप कर चिंता का स्मरण करते हुए सो जाएं .स्वप्न में जानकारी मिलेगी .


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