Kamakshi Yogini Shodashi Mantra Sadhana

In this post, I have described the procedure of practicing the Kamakshi Yogini Shodashi Mantra Sadhana for appeasing the Yogini and fulfilling all wishes and desires and gaining Vashikaran Siddhi or the supernatural power of attracting any person or a group of persons.

Along with the benefits mentioned above the practitioner gains some other paranormal powers or Siddhi, depending upon the wishes of the Yogini.

Kamakshi Yogini Shodashi Mantra for Gain of Vashikaran Powers

The Kamakshi Yogini Shodashi Mantra Sadhana can be practiced on any day by following the procedure given below. 

1] The Prayog should be practiced under any tree located on the banks of a river.

2] The practitioner has to take the items mentioned below with him for practicing this Mantra Sadhana.
1 Lal Hakik or Red Agate Counting Rosary having Brahma Granthi or Knots.
5 Yellow Colored Cowrie Sea Shells
Gulab or Rose Flavored Agarbatti or Dhoop
Majmua Attar, which is available everywhere.

These 4 items are essential for this Kamakshi Yogini Mantra Sadhana.

3] The practitioner should light the Agarbatti or Dhoop and then sprinkle the Majmua Attar around the place where he is going to sit for the Mantra Sadhana.

4] Some of the Attar should also be applied on the Yellow Cowries and the practitioner should keep them before the Dhoop or Agarbatti.

5] Then, he should chant 11 Mala or 1188 Mantra Chants of the Kamakshi Yogini invoking Mantra given below using the Red Hakik Japa Mala.

The Aasan and Disha or sitting mat and direction is not specified in the Yogini Tantra and hence the practitioner can use and kind of Aasan and face the direction of the river.

ॐ कं कं षोडशी कामाक्षी यक्षिणी ऐहि ऐहि आगच्छ गच्छ स्वाहा ||
Om Kam Kam Shodashi Kaamaakshi Yakshini Aihi Aihi Aagachha Gachha Swaha ||

6] This Kamakshi Yogini Shodashi Mantra Sadhana has to be practiced for 21 days continuously.

If the practitioner is successful in appeasing the Yogini, then all his wishes and desires are fulfilled, he is able to attract any desired man or woman and bring the targeted person under a strong Spell of Vashikaran.

This is a very powerful Yogini Mantra Sadhana and it should only be practiced by advanced Sadhaks who are well versed with Yakshini / Yogini Sadhanas.

Note- See the section on Yakshini Manta and Tantra for all kinds of Sadhanas and Prayoga of Yakshinis, Yoginis, Apsaras, Veers, Yakshas and other unseen mystical beings. 


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